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  • I love all the staff!! They are super professional and personable. I actually fly in for their services. Ashley, Trina and their whole staff is totally awesome. I love Brandy and front staff to pieces. It’s a hard decision to trust but I have no regrets. I was blessed to find them.

  • 10 stars for LARK! I had a diamond facial today and am so happy with the results, my skin looks and feels amazing!!! The staff were on point from appointment scheduling to check out – AND I felt very comfortable with Ashley, she was the consummate professional. Thank you!!!!

  • Fantastic experience today at the first appt for my daughter. Saw PA Jonathan for my daughter’s acne complaints/treatment… he was very knowledgeable, empathetic and well-informed. I highly recommend this clinic for your Derm needs.

  • For cosmetic injections, I have been a client of Ashley Wasson @Lark for a couple of years. She is the BEST injector. Knowledgeable, precise and cares about you and your results. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a professional & experienced RN injector.

  • I have never had issues with my dermatology prescription until I was referred to this clinic. It is clear that this clinic is more focused on cosmetic dermatology than helping patients with medical issues.

    First, I had to see a separate doctor for each of the first 3 appointments I had here because the doctors either quit or stopped practicing or moved?

    Second, When I finally got a doctor, they decided it was best to switch my prescription that I had been taking for over 7 years to a new prescription because it “might” be cheaper for insurance.

    Third, ever since switching to this new medication, I have not received steady orders of prescription for a multitude of reasons. The specialty pharmacy that I have to order through kept telling me that the prescription that was received from this clinic was incorrect and they needed to send a new prescription over. However, when I told this to Lark Dermatology, they kept denying that they were the issue. This went on for months before they decided to call the pharmacy and correct the prescription. Due to this inability to admit responsibility, I went without medication.

    Fourth, when I finally was able receive a couple months of my prescription, this clinic then did not renew my prescription until I made an appointment to come in. What I thought was going to be a regular check up, turned out to be an appointment for the dermatologist to call me a liar and wanted to show me computer entries that showed they were doing everything correctly. It took me asking “what do I need to do to get out of this room?” in order for me to leave. There was no check up done.

    Fifth, I still have problems with receiving my prescription and have to repeatedly call this clinic to get a single order to go through. The most recent call back I received from this clinic was a voice-mail telling me that I just need to get better insurance. That is the extent of their ability to help their patients…. “Just get better insurance”.

    It is a miracle if someone actually answers the phone and you will most likely have to leave a voice-mail. In the off chance somebody does answer at the front desk, they immediately transfer you to “a medical assistant” which will 100% never answer the phone and you will have to leave a voice-mail with them.

    I am currently waiting since 1/15 to have them call me back for my question that I asked on that date.

    If you want any sense of calm and ease in your life, stay clear of this clinic. They have set me back years of progress.

    I would give 0 stars if I could.

  • I have had the best experience every time getting Botox and services from Ashley and team at Lark dermatology! She is very knowledgeable and does not over do it, she is comforting and the services are painless. The results are magical!!
    I love the front desk ladies especially Lindsey, they are so welcoming and helpful. I will always go to these ladies they give me the best service every single time. Thank you!

  • Received a referral, called and scheduled my appointment. Gave them my insurance information member ID group number everything. Show up bright and early to my appointment to be told they do not take my insurance, but I can pay cash. If I so choose even my medications if so needed would be cash as well. To be clear, I left and never received services at this location. I don’t appreciate my time being wasted.

  • Overall I’ve had a good experience with Lark Dermatology. They spotted a mole that was questionable and removed it. The staff has always been friendly and I like how they put on music and made the mole removal process a little more bearable. The reason for my 3 stars is because of the after care. They prescribed me pills to prevent infection. The capsules are huge and I can’t take large pills, so I called the very next morning and asked if there was a different medication I could maybe have. The front desk said they sent my request to the back and that’s the last I ever heard. I called later that day to check back in so I could start taking medication before too much time passed. Front office said they were busy and would probably see it/get to it an hour from the time I called. I never received a call back that day. And I never received a call back the next day. Then it’s the weekend, and now it’s Monday – still nothing. I can’t risk getting an infection since I’m pregnant, so I have just been taking apart the capsule and mixing the powder insides with juice. Gross, but I really had no other option. I just felt it was unprofessional to not call back a patient that has a need during after care. If the doctor was busy, I can’t understand why the assistants didn’t jump on the phone and try to help. Or at least keep me updated and not just completely ignore and disregard my needs. As a patient, I need a dermatologist that will communicate and that I know I can count on if I have questions or needs so I’m not sure I’ll be back.

  • I am so thankful Lark Dermatology came to Bonney Lake. I first came to them for a skin check and removal of a skin cancer spot on my face. The office is beautiful, bright and clean. The staff at the front desk were so friendly and professional. While checking out I was talking to the ladies at the front desk asking questions about their products, additional services etc., they actually listened to all my concerns and made me feel comfortable enough to schedule a Botox consult with Ashley. I was feeling so aged, embarrassed and uncomfortable in my own skin. During my consultation with Ashley she instantly made me feel at ease explaining the process and gave me options. She takes pride in her work, cares for her patients and is very knowledgeable. That same day we started with the recommended Botox in my forehead and eyes. My results were so amazing, I scheduled another appointment to help bring some youth back into my cheeks and lips with filler. I’m loving my new natural looking results.

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