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  • Lena is so professional. I did my Botox several times, and it’s amazing service provided each time – quick, no pain or bruising. I would definitely recommend to everyone.

  • Lena is the best! Very professional, honest, and caring. Also wonderful to chat with! 🙂

  • Love, love, LOVE my results after visiting Lena! I had a couple of things done: lip filler, DAO botox and PRF undereye refresh to target some hollowness in my under eyes as well as dark circles. For lip filler, I started off with 0.5ml at first as a more conservative approach. I was quite nervous because I didn’t know what to expect, but Lena patiently explained each process every step of the way. She was so kind and helped me feel at ease. I can’t wait to come back to get another 0.5ml. I might be hooked! 😅

  • Very clean and professional environment, outstanding service, great prices, excellent result! During the past three years, I had an awesome experiences with Eastside Aesthetics by Lena! Thank you for your dedication and knowledge and thank you for always being attentive to the needs of the client ! ❤️

  • I was so nervous!!! I pulled together enough gumption to walk in… I’m so glad I did…
    The consultation was easy and clear. We talked about what I wanted to see, and she reassured me I was in VERY CAPABLE hands. Which was true. She gave me exactly what I wanted plus offered(because I asked) advice on what else I could do to make my look closer to my over all goals. I’ve been to her 2 times now and have every intention of sticking with Lena.

  • Lena is absolutely amazing, I would only feel comfortable referring any and all my friends to her for these types of services. Her education, gentle touch, and expertise of services she offers is untouched by anyone else I’ve come across. She is competitively priced as well. You know you’re not going to get price gouged with Lena. Or left with a bunch of bruising. She is thorough and your skin will thank you for paying her a visit!

  • Lena is the best! She is the first person that has been able to do my Dysport without bruising me like a banana! Took me years to find her! Anyone looking for someone with a high level of skill and education can be certain that Lena will take excellent care of all your needs! As a Cosmetologist myself, I’ve sent many of my own friends and clients to her and they have all been happy! Thank you Lena! You’re amazing!! ♥️Elle age 50

  • Lena is my go too. I trust her fully. I have been to other aestheticians who make you feel insecure or ugly just to add on and sell you more. I have never experienced that with Lena. She always listens to my concerns and gives me what I’m looking for. I always looks amazing after visiting with her. Gives me the proper units of Xeomin and Botox every time.

  • So so so happy with Lena, not only do I always recommend all of my friends but I tried sculptra with her and i absolutely love the results.

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