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  • Gorgeous facility that’s extremely clean, with professional staff and a forward thinking owner who offers the most up to date treatment options. I’m super excited they have a hair removal laser for dark skin…and it really works!❤️🙌🏾❤️

  • Dr Ko is AMAZING! She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, honest, caring and listens to exactly what you want without any pressure. This was my first experience with Botox and it could not have gone any better. I will definitely be back. The staff is very welcoming and helpful as well. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

  • Update: Julie reached out to discuss my review. She offered to bring me back in, which I declined. In lieu of that she gave me a refund. While was a stressful and disappointing experience, I appreciate her resolving the issue. I updated the stars accordingly.

    I was very excited to become a client here but ultimately had a very frustrating and expensive experience. I left confused and feeling taken advantage of. During my consult, I talked to Julie about Botox and she told me it was $12/unit and that I’d need 12 units (so a total of $144). When I received my pre-treatment instructions, they also specified that I’d be receiving Botox. Before my appointment, I saw Radiance post on Instagram that Alle was having a gift card sale for use on Botox, so I bought a $150 gift card to use for my first appointment. Come appointment time, I was not told prior to injection that I wasn’t receiving Botox. I was injected, then it came time to pay and the procedure fee was $250. I was confused, and was told that the procedure I’d had done had a flat fee, not a per unit fee like I was told during my consult. I voiced my confusion but they were not understanding or apologetic for their own miscommunication, and they didn’t respond to the fact that I was told otherwise by them. I was then also informed that I had not been injected with Botox as my appointment said I would be, and because of that I can’t use the $150 gift card I bought and now have no use for. I had been so excited about this but feel so upset and frustrated by the whole experience. I wasted so much money and I was in tears after I left. I then got home and saw the receipt they sent to me via email, which also said I’d been injected with Botox, so now I also have no idea what is actually in my face.

  • If you haven’t been to the new Medical Spa in Bothell, you must go ASAP! Beautiful new first-class facility with top notch staff. Julie Ko is a Master of her craft with many years of experience. I’ve seen Julie laser hair removal, Botox and Hydrofacial with Bree and each visit left me feeling radiant inside and out. 💜 Can’t wait for my next visit and thank you for always taking good care of me Julie and Radiance team!

  • 100% Recommend, Radiance Skin and Laser is the answer. Words are hard to explain just how lovely a place this salon is… Julie is a special gal. She has created a top notch experience for her clients with PRO results..
    Honestly no serum or cream comes close to the results from a professional like her. 😍 love her team, love the salon, love the results, ♥ all of it.

    Bring mom in, she was wonderful with mine 🌸

  • I have gone here 2x now for Botox under my arms to control sweat. The first time it lasted over 6 months of about 90% of underarm sweat being gone. No more ruined shirts!
    Can’t recommend this place enough. The entire clinic is IMMACULATE and all the staff act like you’re their only client while you’re in there. Complimentary beverages in the lobby and the whole place is an Instagram-able dream. The Dr is very knowledgeable and cares a lot about your comfort. She’s also just a really cool person. Great business.

  • I was apprehensive at first for any cosmetic procedure, but Dr. Ko and the staff are competent and caring. The results are amazing! You’re in good hands here.

  • Julie and her staff are amazing! Everyone is knowledgeable, helpful, and attentive. Julie takes the time to listen and to tailor treatments to each individual. I couldn’t be happy with the results!

  • Lovely place, personal touch & care. Dr. Ko knows her stuff – highly recommend!

  • Great laser hair removal and great Botox results. Super caring staff and extra clean place!

  • Dr. Julie Ko is a dream; truly so knowledgeable and incredible at what she does. I went in a little hesitant for my first appointment, but Dr. Ko made the experience quick, easy and extremely comfortable. I LOVED my results; subtle/refreshed. Tiffany, the Practice Manager is also delightful. She was so warm/bubbly which made my overall experience memorable. She was extremely knowledgeable in the lines that their office offered. I was sold on ZO Skin Health right off the bat! Love Radiance Skin and Laser – 5 stars, could not recommend them enough!

  • Completely happy and impressed with my results. Friendly staff. Will definitely go back.

  • I recently had a Hydrafacial by Bree. It was the most luxurious treatment I’ve ever had. This was my first time so I didn’t know what to expect. Bree is very kind and knowledgeable. She had a heated blanket ready for me on the treatment table when I arrived and explained what the treatment entailed. She asked about my skin concerns and addressed them during the treatment. The procedure is not painful at all. At the end I got to see all the junk that she was able to remove. My skin was so soft and glowing. If you’re debating, just go for it! You will not regret it. Thank you so much, Bree!

  • Everyone at the clinic is so warm and friendly. Julie sure does know her craft and will ensure your best results! Stress free from check in to check out. They also have my favorite medical grade skin care lines available! Such a nice office without it being too “clinical”. The vibe and energy is refreshing.

  • The whole team is wonderful and knowledgeable. They gave me fantastic results that look natural and youthful. Thank you!

  • Olga is amazing! I came in to see her for lip filler after hearing so many great things and she did not disappoint. I am so so happy with the results and loving my fuller, natural looking lips. She made the whole process so easy and comfortable. She is truly talented at what she does. Thank you thank you!

  • Everyone here is super professional and thorough. If you want 5-star treatment, this is your place!

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