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  • I went to CryoSculpt for a cryo facial. This was my first experience with cold treatment and I appreciated the knowledgeable and warm staff. It helped me feel comfortable trying something new.

    The treatment left me feeling refreshed and like my entire face was glowing.

    The treatment room is relaxing and I love the location right on Edmonds beach. Go check it out for your next self care day.

  • I was so fortunate to experience the red light therapy contouring here. I also had the red light facial and vibration therapy. I wasn’t really expecting an inch liss but I did lose 4 inches during my session. What impressed me the most was Brittany and the relief in chronic pain i have. I left with a noticable pain reduction and was extremely happy. I would recommend CryoSculpt 100%

  • An amazing find!!! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and talked me through the whole process. I am thrilled with my results. The space is very clean and comfortable and the results are been AMAZING!!!

  • My stomach has always been where I hold some weight and I don’t have the time or desire to go to the gym these days. Luckily, my girl friend bought me package of 10 of the Cryo sculpt. Unbelievable the results that I’ve gotten. I now get that I told you so from my girlfriend. What is she going to make me do next?

  • Brittany is really amazing! I’ve had some really great results with cryosculpt! I’ve also tried the red light therapy and noticed my waist and stomach are more slimmer than before. The red light therapy is nice and relaxing. I definitely would recommend either treatments!

  • My experience with Brittany has been extremely amazing! She thoroughly explained the process and made sure client satisfaction . As for the Cryosculpt, this was my first time and felt that it was very soothing and relaxed. Looking forward to seeing the results and getting more sessions done.

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