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  • I found Stefan through a local search for Botox experts in Edmonds area. He had 5-star rating and was located conveniently close to me. I’ve had Botox injections from a MD that has since retired. I cannot tell you how accommodating and professional Stefan has been. He takes the time to get to know you and understand your skin and what you want. His office is beautiful and comfortable and quiet. In the past, I would usually have to go back a week later to get an “adjustment “ injection to tweak the results. About a week after my visit with Stefan, my Botox results were great (I get forehead done only)- no need for any adjustments and my face looked natural as I still wanted some expression lines so I didn’t look “frozen”. Stefan was proactive with follow up notifications and made me feel appreciated. I now know why it is important to get Botox done by both an expert and an artist. I highly recommend his services and look forward to exploring other procedures with Stefan at Torres Aesthetics.

  • Stefan is professional but friendly and very approachable. I’m impressed with the quality of his service. I have had Botox and he was brilliant with me, made me feel relaxed, explained all the elements of the treatment and I didn’t feel rushed or hurried. The clinic is extremely clean and I felt welcomed. Very pleased with the results, I still look natural, which is what I was looking for it! He’s AMAZING and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Thank YOU!

  • Had an amazing experience: Stefan is professional, friendly and great at what he does. I LOVE my results. I will be going back for my next treatment soon.

  • Had an excellent experience with Torres Aesthetics! Had a number of veins on face area and after just 3 IPL treatments…they are all gone! In addition, the overall procedure cost was significantly lower than other Aesthetics businesses I had checked out.

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