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  • So happy to have met Tawnie! I really appreciate the balanced approach to her practice. I am new to botox, and had 2 little sessions in my masseters earlier in the year at a different location. I really liked this provider too, but there were some other injectable procedures that I was interested in that they didn’t provide (they mostly had a skin care/lasering emphasis). I like Tawnie’s full-face focus and she addressed my concerns in such a holistic way. She was practical, realistic, kind, and also just so educational. I had my first botox session with Tawnie in my areas of concerns. Tawnie addressed this by injecting along my chin, masseters, and neck areas. In just 2 days I could feel a difference and on the 4th day, I could actually see a difference! I am so excited for the botox to develop further. My next session will be a full-face assessment with possible filler for a preventative approach. I am so excited! Highly recommend Tawnie!

  • Tawnie is gentle, honest, and kind — the epitome of what a provider should be. She answered my barrage of questions with an abundance of patience, gave me excellent advice (and serum and concealer for post PRF-use!) for post-care, as well as providing excellent recommendations for how to prolong results. If you want natural-looking enhancement to your beauty, Tawnie should be the first person to look into.

  • Tawnie is professional, friendly, and an incredible educator. I had the privilege of participating in a training with Tawnie made she me feel safe and supported as she diligently watched and guided me through her injection techniques. Tawnie is down to earth, easy to relate to and has an abundance of real aesthetic world experience and knowledge. Highly recommend Tawnie for any injector, of any level, who is looking to gain knowledge and sharpen their skills. Thank you, Tawnie!

  • Tawnie is the best, truly. She is so thorough, takes the time to genuinely listen, educate, and offer customized options. Her sister Jae is so sweet and helpful. I always feel cared for and never feel pressured. Tawnie’s work is incredible and unmatched! I’m so grateful to have found her. Thank you!

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