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  • I have now gotten IV therapy at this location two times, the first time I came with my fiance after I had gotten food poisoning that week and was feeling like a cold was coming on. The next day I felt back to normal and felt absolutely amazing. My fiance felt like a million bucks for the next 2 to 3 weeks after. I went in again today after I went on my vacation and came back sleep deprived and exhausted, I made same day appointment which is fantastic how easy it is to book online, right after my therapy I instantly felt great again. If you have never done IV therapy before, give it a go it is definitely worth it. They have amazing service, very professional, very luxurious feeling, and also Mario is absolutely amazing and has a great family ran business. I will be back again and again!

  • I’ve been a long time client of Sandra’s for years now with her as my lash artist and to see her expand and grow is always so dope to see. No matter the distance I’ll travel for her cause she’s always consistent with her work and she takes care of her people.

    I would like to shine light on Mario though because it’s just good vibes, he’s amazing when it comes to keeping people calm, talking people through the process of getting an IV drip especially if you’ve never had one or have a fear of needles. While I don’t have a fear of needles this was my first experience. I work all the time and super busy so my body was low on energy. Mario gave me the B12 which helps give you that boost of energy and hydration. I loved the experience. I highly recommend seeing them to take care of you. Thank You!

  • We saw them at their pop up-it was set up really nice and relaxing. They were really nice and informative. We had the recovery bags. They were good. It was a simple and painless process. It went by pretty fast too for me. It was a really warm day so having the fluids and vitamins made me feel really refreshed and definitely helped my stamina (resisting a midday nap) through the day.
    Two different people administered the IVs and they did a great job.
    Thank you guys!

  • I could not be happier with my service . I got the IV beauty therapy done and I have to say hands down I have always felt pokes when getting IV’s at hospital’s but with Mario I literally did not feel anything. He’s such an awesome guy with positive vibes, lets you know every step he’s doing, great communication, and love the fact that this is a Mom-and-Pop business. I would absolutely come back for my next IV.

  • Mario and Sandra are quintessential professionals. Attention to detail, product knowledge, and professional interaction demonstrated genuine interest in customer experience and satisfaction. They produce a relaxing environment that incorporates you as a nurtured family member. The product is amazing and you are in great hands. Go see them now and feel your body health improve in recognizable forms!!!
    Thanks you for reading my long appraisal.
    Christopher E.

  • This review is the day after. And I had the best first IV therapy experience! Mario was great with informing what he was going. I got the fat burner IV and he was letting know what was going in my bag. The MIC shot wasn’t too bad! He made my first experience easy. I didn’t have any cravings of any sort. Felt really hydrated. I went to 3 events and felt really energized when I woke up. Didn’t feel groggy of any sort either. Definitely would come back and explore other types of IV options they offer 🙂

  • I was having a bad day, but it got better when I visited IV Therapy. Mario did a great job keeping me comfortable for this was my first time. If you’re looking for a little boost and to feel instantly refreshed IV Therapy can help you with that!

  • I woke up not feeling well and decided to look into getting an IV and pump my body full of vitamins etc. I have never had an IV before and Mario was extremely professional and educated me on the process and what was going into the IV. I highly recommend utilizing his expertise if you ever need an IV. Five stars all around ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • I love the team at IV Therapy WA. I was able to get my lashes AND an IV treatment at the same time!! Mario is such a pro, he made me feel so comfortable and at ease even though I’m not a fan of needles. After I was all hooked up he covered me with a blanket so I was super cozy and warm while getting my lashes done (& my lashes look phenomenal). Couldn’t have asked for a better experience, 10/10!!

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