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  • The worst place. Hardly book an appointment. Even when booked- you’re be surprised that it’ll be cancel with someone quitting/ sick. Called several times per month to book appointments for upcoming months and always failed. Once time said that it was fully booked yesterday- other time said that it was booked earlier this week. Better choice to find a reliable place to relax than here! I wish I never gone to this place before. It’s getting worst every time after covid. I’ve been going there for 4 yrs and it’s time to say goodbye to this place. Not sad at all!! Saving me time instead so I don’t need to keep on calling to ask if there’s an cancellation each week.

  • Highly recommend Lannaya (I might have misspelled) for massage!

  • I recently received an 80 minute massage from Vannessa. I had scheduled for deep tissue, but after talking about the difference between deep pressure vs deep tissue, I ended up getting a medium -heavy swedish massage and it was FANTASTIC! She knows how to make you relax! She did mention deep tissue is not really her forte, so if you want light to nearly-heavy pressure relaxation, check her out. Somebody else there does energy work, ie. reiki, and they might take your insurance if you are injured. People in waiting room seemed to love both estheticians, Bailey and Melanie I think their names are? The only complaint I had was about the music: love or sad songs, where I prefer more spa like ambiance.

  • Excellent spa that offers superior services. The variety of massages they offer are amazing. Great place to relax and let go of stress.

  • Best spa in the area! If you are looking for a quality medical massage, look no further. Most places are hit or miss, but at PureEscape we get consistent results and friendly customer service every time! This business shows you how a Spa experience should be on every visit!

  • I just experienced the Serenity Package at Pure Escape Spa and have to say it was absolutely wonderful. My massage with Isabella was bliss, my facial and foot massage by Bailey actually nearly had me asleep, and the lunch catered was perfect. I’ve gone to this facility for many years for massages, facials, and eyebrow tinting and microblading and have always left feeling and looking fantastic. I highly recommend them!

  • Horrible job doing eyebrows. No sorry or anything. Don’t recommend

  • Friendly and professional staff. Everyone is great and the prices are reasonable.

  • Not good person did not show up. Disappointed.

  • Face had a nice glow and clean pores

  • The esthetician is very sweet and knows her craft. The front desk lady could use an attitude makeover. Do they offer those? She could greatly benefit with some much needed etiquette and professionalism.

  • I bought three IPL treatments through Groupon to mostly treat hyperpigmentation and I have seen NO results. I called after my 1st one because I was concerned my skin didn’t react as I was told it would and I was told I could buy three more treatments if the first three didn’t work.

    At my 3rd and final treatment the esthetician said she thought one spot on one side of my face was slightly lighter but admitted the other side wasn’t lighter at all. She used a more targeted adapter and said she got all the spots she could see. Once I looked in the mirror I noticed that some of my spots had turned darker (a good thing!) but she still missed A LOT.

    I followed the after care instructions and understand that I would see the best results after 6 treatments but I should see some improvement after 3. I took pictures to compare. So, while I was prepared to spend $ on more treatments, I’m not going to as I worry that I still wouldn’t see any improvement after spending money on a total of 6 treatments. I should’ve seen some kind of improvement after my very 1st treatment let alone my 3rd.

    The only reason I’m giving this place two stars is because the esthetician was friendly. The front desk girl could be friendlier. She’s not rude, just not welcoming.

  • Wonderful staff! They did a great job! Hands down the best place I have ever gone!!!

  • I have been coming to this spa for over 10 years now. I love this place. They way have been providing me both medical massage and relaxation related services. Amazing!!

  • Wow this is amazing. Love this place.

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