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  • I was the one who used to critique others for Botox/Fillers. Ever since seeing Dr. Bhogal and seeing the results, I regret ever talking badly about those who elect Botox. I’m quite pleased with my results and you would be as well. She keeps it nice and natural. Go see her!

  • I am really enjoying my services here and Dr.bhogal amazing, professional and talented! My mom and I both get filler and Botox here and it was the best experience we’ve ever had!

  • I did a full 6 sessions for legs and bikini but i still need to shave almost every day, especially on my bikini i’m not sure if it doesn’t work on me or something else. i think i should have seen at least 40 to 50% hair reduction and my friends who did 6 sessions they definitely saw a much bigger difference than me. the staff is nice and make you feel comfortable i just didn’t even get close to the results that i was looking for getting out of this treatment.

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