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  • I am so happy with my results! I love how beautiful and natural it looks!
    Prior to surgery I wanted to wear my mask all the time… now I’m so happy/comfortable with how I look.
    Dr. Liebertz and staff provided exceptional attention to detail and care that put me at ease throughout the entire process. Connie at the front desk -super helpful has all appointments run smooth like butter. Brandi the nurse -very knowledgeable and on it that makes you feel comfortable with a very hard and personal decision about surgery, and of course Dr.Liebertz who I feel is very talented.They really work together well.
    I highly recommend this place!
    Thank you !

  • 10/10: Front office communication. The reason I chose to work with them. Connie is great and should get credit for signing up clients after working hours.
    7/10: Technical. My surgery went okay, but the stitches do look messy, rough and pulled. I was assured that it is normal, but compare with other patient’s photos, mine looked bad.
    3/10: Post-Op followup. The patience probably ends with surgery. All the follow up visits feel rushed with no professional caring. Really, Dr. Libertz, you could “get you out of here” in 67 seconds? At least pretend that you cared. No one would drive for an hour and get rushed out in under a minute. That just felt…. well, insulting! With your years of knowledge in this field, you could do a lot better, be caring to your client, you do have that time.

  • I had a great experience working with Dr. Liebertz. He is very nice and I felt very comfortable talking with him. He showed his support along the process and answered all the questions I had. I’m glad I chose him as my doctor. I 100% recommend him. I’m very happy with the result.

  • If I could get my review on the front page of the Times, I would. Dr. Liebertz and his team hit a home run, from start to finish my care and treatment plan were flawless. I had consulted with many other surgeons in the area (that were all great I am sure) but at the end of the day Dr. Liebertz was able to understand and achieve my ultimate goal functionally and aesthetically. Dr. Liebertz is not just someone who practices medicine, he knows what he is doing and includes you in his work up of treatment options e etc. Also, his staff were the most attentive/responsive and you never were left with any questions unanswered. From my initial consultation Connie coordinated all of my appointments from surgery day, through post op etc. Connie was not only professional but she goes the extra mile to help make things simple. Alex and Brandi of the nursing staff, were positive and make you feel comfortable and again, responsive is an understatement. It’s like you have a question you wanted to ask but before you even get a chance to send in an email or call, they are 10 steps ahead and answering it before you have a chance. They really made any anxiousness I had about any of it, go away. The bedside manner was A++. Also, my experience with Nikole, the Anesthetist was another piece of the puzzle that made it happen. She was so gentle, calm and very educated about general anesthesia. I had no sore throat post op, which was a first, but seriously no bruising on iv site. Nikoles demeanor is how everyone should be handled while going under because it is so re-assuring. I could go on and on, but I refrain from getting too sappy and just say THANK YOU DR. LIEBERTZ & STAFF!! Thank you for all the hard work you have put into my care and I am just very very appreciative for everything thank you.

  • I went to Dr Liebertz for a alar base reduction.It’s been almost a month now since the procedure and I’m so happy with the result.Dr Liebertz has exceptional skills and also cares for his patients. He and his team are truly amazing and professional.Everyone there is incredibly kind,helpful and supportive.I would definitely recommend Dr. Liebertz to anyone considering plastic surgery.

  • I had my upper lid plastic surgery on March. That was an easy experience. Doctor Liebertz and his professional staff made it relaxing. I was worried more before the surgery, than during it. I resumed my yoga classes in a month after surgery. They informed in details what should be done, how to take care of the scars, etc. It’s been four months now. I just had a follow up appointment. The scars are lightly pink and could be covered with the makeup. I feel fantastic! In 5 more months it won’t be visible at all. I was receiving more compliments now on my appearance, then in the last 5 years. Thank you for bringing joy in my life!

  • I can honestly say working with Dr. Liebertz and his team was a great experience! During my consultation he and the team were very clear about the surgery, costs, and what kind of results I could expect. I had two procedures done at the same time, one that was medically necessary and a connected cosmetic procedure. I always knew I was in safe hands with all my questions and concerns addressed before and after surgery. They worked with me and my insurance company to make sure the procedure was processed correctly. Dr. Liebertz was recommended to me by an ENT doctor and I am now passing on the recommendation, I could not be happier with the result!

  • Dr. Liebertz is the best! He was so patient with me, I was really nervous since it was my first time doing Botox and fillers but he went through everything I needed to know. He made me feel super comfortable on choosing what I wanted to do and also totally honest on what I didn’t need to do. He helped me to understand everything in as much detail as I needed without feeling rushed. I am very picky when it comes to doctors and I can honestly say that he has been one of the the greatest doctor I have come across and will continue recommending him to others.

  • I came to Dr. Liebertz’s office through a referral by another doctor who was unable to repair the extensive damage in my nose. I remember him saying, “Not only is Dr. Liebertz an exceptional doctor but he’s also a really good person.” Dr. Liebertz is all those things. I was terrified to get surgery, although I desperately needed rhinoplasty for years. Dr. Liebertz and his team were amazing. My only regret is not having this done sooner. Not only can I now breath through my nose but it looks perfect. Huge thank you to him, Brandi and the rest of the team!

  • I had a bad experience with Sarah McMillan. I felt my concerns were ignored and it still bothers me looking at it. I kept on waiting for results in wishful thinking. I know I took the risk but I don’t recommend her to anyone at all.

  • Dr. Liebertz and his staff were very professional and kind throughout my experience with them. I had gauged earlobes that he repaired and during the consultation his nurse alex took the time to talk with me of what I was wanting to accomplish, then dr. Liebertz came in and answered my questions and spent adequate time explaining what he would do. During the procedure, they took the time to make sure I felt very comfortable and walked me through what they were doing each step of the way. At my post op visit Dr. Liebertz even pierced my ears for me! I really feel they care for their patients and have recommended them to friends and family. If I need anything else done, I would go back.

  • Being new to plastic surgery I didn’t know what to expect but was overwhelmed with the professionalism and spa like experience all at the same time. The doctor and staff‘s attention to detail and making sure I was comfortable both before and after my surgery took away all anxiety and made me confident in the results. And post surgery I could not be more happy with those results. I definitely recommend them.

  • Dr Liebertz is an highly skilled and capable surgeon. He is very knowledgeable and caring. He always addresses my concerns, answers all my questions and explains everything in detail. Before coming to Yarrow bay plastic surgery I did a lot of research and I’m very happy that I chose Dr Liebertz. My experience at Yarrow bay plastic surgery has always been top notch. When I’m here I feel safe and confident that I will have natural looking beautiful results. I even received a call from the doctor himself after surgery to check on me. I’m very happy with the results. Thank you Dr Liebertz!! The staff is equally as amazing. Katie, Brandi, Connie, the anesthesiologist, the entire team is simply fantastic. They are so kind, friendly and very helpful. I have always had a very pleasant experience. This group really does care about their patients. I would recommend them to my family and friends in a heartbeat.

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