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  • Dr. Wortham is a very rare thing these days-an HONEST and SKILLED plastic surgeon.

    He will be truthful with you about outcomes. He doesn’t ever try to “push” a bunch of procedures that you don’t want and don’t need. He doesn’t play on a woman’s fears and make her feel that her entire face needs to be changed when she walks in his office (and YES I have had that happen with other surgeons).

    He has very extensive surgical experience– and this is WHAT YOU WANT. You don’t want some model-perfect young surgeon with no experience. You want a surgeon who knows what he is doing.

    Dr. Wortham doesn’t look “fake” and he doesn’t look like a model and he isn’t selling a bunch of fake products and procedures.

    If you want a surgeon to “upsell” you on a ineffective procedures while promising the moon and stars, well then don’t go to Dr. Wortham.

    Dr. Wortham sees the beauty in all of his patients, and he will help you be your best YOU, not someone else.

    And he is truly talented with injections like botox and fillers- I come out looking natural and just younger – not weird.

    His prices are very competitive too. My sisters pay double what I pay for the same amount of botox (they live in California). People tell me all the time I look so young and I must have good genes or a super healthy lifestyle. I say “yes, I do” (but what I actually have is the man with the botox :-).

    He makes you feel comfortable. (It’s not easy to strip down and show someone your flaws, at least not for me, it’s a little embarrassing). His office staff is so personable and nice.
    I don’t like plastic surgeons, but I like Dr. Wortham.

  • You will not find a better Dr. and staff.

  • Consultation only today; made super comfortable, and gained alot of confidence that I will be back for surgery when the time is right. Staff were terrific (even at helping me escape a ‘houdini belt’,) and Dr. Wortham was very informative and took plenty time to explain and suggest best approach for my needs…it was very apparent that he had read my chart BEFORE I arrived 😉 I look forward to working with him soonest!

  • I had Ultherapy to raise my left eyebrow to be at the same level as my right eyebrow. I wear glasses and the eyebrow difference was always accentuated by the frames. One eyebrow was always floating over the glass frames. With Ultherapy, the eyebrows are now even! I’d had Xeomin injections to let the lower eyebrow raise, but it never lasted as long. Dr. Wortham suggested Ultherapy as a more permanent answer and I finally tried it. Worth it! Staff was great, helpful and articulate. Dr. Wortham made sure the procedure went smoothly. I appreciate Dr. Wortham’s pleasant personality and thoroughness in his work.

  • Excellent doctor and staff with warm personable attitude. Dr Wortham is not a salesman, he’s very professional and also humorous. I felt that I am in good hands during the five procedures I purchased.

  • Staff always goes above and beyond … Dr. Wortham is the best … Totally comfortable and have been happy with every visit and procedure…

  • Everyone in the office is so nice and I am always extremely pleased with my results!

  • My experience with Cosmetic Surgical Arts Center is always deserving of 5 stars. The office staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Dr Wortham is second to none, when it comes to products and services, that keep me looking natural and aging gracefully.

  • Been 4 years since my tummy tuck, abs sewn back together and lipo in tummy area. He did a great job, if I had to do it again, differently would. He told me everything I needed to know where I didnt have questions for him. None of them rushed me, great people here

  • I had an amazing experience with Dr.worthem he took the time and listen to all my questions and answered each and everyone of them called me to check on me many times. Very very happy love his staff great experience. Office is very clean and they follow great cleaning standards. Thanks again Heather

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