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  • I’ve been going to Honey Rose Aesthetics since January this year. My skin has taken a 360 thanks to Montana! When I started going I had severe hyperpigmentation and was using makeup brands that were bad for my skin. I was given recommendations and new skin care steps to help with acne. 10/10 experience! I love it!

  • I’ve struggled with acne for years, even going on Accutane awhile back. I was thinking I needed to go on another round of that but decided I wanted to try seeing an aesthetician first and I’m so glad I did. It’s only been a few weeks and I am already starting to see improvements. I have faith that the AviClear laser treatment as well as all the products Montana has recommended are going to work and I’m so excited and eager to finally have clear skin!

  • I started Acne Boot Camp in the beginning of the year and I will admit I was skeptical at first. I have had acne for YEARS. Nothing has ever worked for me. I decided to give it a go and it was the BEST decision I have ever made for myself. I feel like a new person in my skin. Montana has been a godsend for my skin. I love that I can email her whenever and she always gets back to me with tips. I will forever be a client.

  • I have struggled with acne since I was a pre-teen. I was an elite swimmer and the chlorine mixed with improper skincare made it hard for me to find anything that cleared my acne without breaking the bank. After going through acne boot camp, my skin has never looked better! When I say it’s worth it, I drive from Port Orchard to Puyallup because I haven’t found any other estheticians that have done the wonders HRA has!

  • The staff is amazing, kind and so so helpful. They know what they are doing at Honeyrose. My skin has never looked better thanks to the ladies at HRA.

  • My teen has recently started struggling with acne and everyone at HRA has been amazing to her and her skin is looking better than ever!

  • Ashley and her team are so knowledgeable! My skin has never looked better!

  • This is my very first time getting a facial and I am so happy I found Honey Rose Aesthetics. They are very welcoming and so excited to take care of my skin concerns and to help me also relax as they work their magic on my face. They have a wide variety of facial treatments and offer free LED treatments if you’re a member (which I immediately signed up for after my first visit). I am slowly growing my skincare routine with the products they offer in store as well.

  • I’m doing the acne boot camp program at HRA and have had treatments with both Ashley and Erika. Both gals are fantastic! My skin feels great, I enjoy my consistent routine, and I get excited for treatment days. So grateful to have found this place and will certainly remain a client even after boot camp!

    Update 6/4/23 – I’ve been going here for over a year and a half now and have been out of acne bootcamp for about a year. My skin is so healthy and I know I’m always getting the best care at HRA. I’ve seen every esthetician and tried nearly every treatment and never been disappointed. Investing in your skin is so worth it! I absolutely recommend this place and am so grateful I found it shortly after moving to WA.

  • I’m so thankful I found HRA. My skin is finally clearing! I have been struggling with adult acne for about 7 years. When I found their acne bootcamp, I knew I needed to sign up. They take a more holistic approach – on top of incredible facials and skincare recommendations, they also recommend different supplements (not sold at HRA), diet changes, and lifestyle changes as well to help clear stubborn acne. I’m almost done with bootcamp and my skin hasn’t been this clear since before puberty lol. Thank God! Also, shoutout to Montana for going the extra mile to give my skin the TLC it deserves!

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