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  • I have been going to Purity for almost 2 years and I have nothing but great things to say about them. I always refer my friends because of their outstanding services. Daria does my Botox and she is the best! I’ve gone to several Botox injectors and she is by far the best! She was able to give me an eyebrow lift with the Botox and it looked completely natural. Dr. Fadi has done my Botox and the plasma needling on my eyes. Everyone noticed the difference and my makeup application is so much smoother. If you haven’t been here and are unsure, I would definitely recommend the Purity team!

  • Absolutely love Purity. A one-stop shop for all my med spa needs. Great staff and competitive pricing with services in a clean and relaxing atmosphere.

  • If you are trying to lose weight, this place can help! Staff are great, service menu for esthetic care is plentiful. Prices are competitive.

  • I’ve been getting botox, treatments, and facials at Purity Medical Spa for two years. I love how friendly the staff is and how comfortable I feel geting treatments. I am so pleased with my skin results. I don’t always have hide behind makeup since having their professionals treat my uneven skin, discolorations, acne, and etc…

  • So this is the second time I have gone to PNW in Hydration I feel on top of the world!

    But I can’t stress enough. This place is truly amazing and very satisfying. The professionalism is very, very high is very clean, and everyone who works there is amazing, and trained medical professionals!

    I’m hooked!!

  • I drove past this place for a couple years before I went in for a consult. I have a family history for needing a blepharoplasty to see (especially in the mornings). I did not want to get my lids cut, I was afraid of the sedation at my age, and that I would look different.

    I was thought some kind of laser treatment would correct my droopy lids but the Dr said a plasma needling treatment would work better, he was right. After 1 week, everyone can see the difference, and I am so HAPPY with the results (I’m not even through the initial healing stage) but complete results will show in 8-12 weeks. I can see 1st thing in the mornings, no heavy lids. I would recommend Dr Fadi, he gets to know his patients individually.

  • Purity Medical Spa offers many services, a large selection of quality skin care products, the staff is helpful & friendly and the Dr is awesome. They’re my skin care and health family.

  • this medical spa is awesome and the ladies at the front desk are so kind and helpful! Sam immediately put me at ease when I walked in, it’s always scary going to a place you don’t know much about. The facility is very clean and cheerful.They called and checked on me the next day. The Dr is very kind and is clearly very experienced, I will definitely be returning. They offer a lot of different services and it has a nice intimate vibe. The doctor did a great job of explaining things to me and was honest about what to expect. I rarely write reviews but this one was important!

  • All 3 of us got the Meyers IV’s! I love having self care days with my daughter. This is our new favorite spot, we will be back over and over again. The customer service is amazing! Which is very important for me. Snacks, water and even chocolates:)) thank you for the great experience on our first visit!

  • I absolutely love the staff and physician and this clinic. 10/10 recommend

  • Very personable and friendly! They do absolutely everything in this adorable little haven! The outcome is always spot on!!!!!! Don’t hesitate to book your appointment!

  • I’ve done….

    Cheek filler, jaw filler, PDO threads, and lip filler with Dr F

    My lips have always been thinner and an insecurity for me. About 1 year ago I saw Dr F due to migration of filler from another injector. He’s been great throughout my whole time with him. I LITERALLY go in and say “I trust you, do what you think will suite me best”. I too run a business, and do my BEST WORK when clients let me have some freedom.

    My last lip session with the Dr, I asked “I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’d like my lips to “curl out” a bit more, but again, I trust you and do what you thinks best/possible”. He recommended 2 syringes so that’s what I got!

    Top pic is before

    Middle pic is day two. They are swollen and uneven, but I KNEW that was due to him balancing out my asymmetries

    Bottom pic is 8 days out

    I’m so happy and more balanced and love my new fuller lips!

    Highly recommend this place! And…. They ALWAYS call you 1-2 days later to “check on you!” I’ve NEVER had another injector do that!

  • Love the staff and service. Doc knows just what needs to be done!

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