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  • Wow! Is the best way I can explain my experience at Skin Spirit with Sukh. I had a laser hair removal treatment and everything from the location to the customer service was just amazing! The knowledge and the confidence along with Sukh’s friendliness can’t be matched. The treatment was quick and effective and I am already noticing a difference with just my first treatment! Excited to continue my journey with Skin Spirit.

  • I highly recommend this place to anyone. I went to have a Micro Needling done. First, I was greeted by the receptionist, who was very kind and offered me water.

    I highly reccommend Sukh, who was very perfessional and attentive. She took the time to adress my concerns, asked about what products i’m curently using, what treatments I have done and if I was happy with the results. Sukh was so knowlegeable and informative about what to expect during and after the procedure.
    Thank you so much Sukh!!!!

  • I had a great experience from start to finish. I felt the team was very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of information beforehand. Thank you Sukh and Sarah!

  • Sukh was my injector and was phenomenally knowledgeable About facial contouring. I was really impressed with how Skinspirit goes the extra mile to educate their clients and handholds them through the healing process . It’s not a one and done transaction with them . It’s a relationship, you would enjoy for years to come as you dive into your cosmetology journey towards being a higher version of yourself.

  • My girlfriend came in for a lip injection and they were amazing with the consultation, process, and afterwards. They were really patient with all of our questions, concerns, and hesitations. They provided a great service and helped us with a $75 coupon. My gfs lips look great and we’re really grateful for their service

  • The client relations staff was very welcoming, accommodating and my consultation was everything I needed to get me on the right path.

  • Barb threads and smooth threads Is one of a kind procedures. I was bit frightened.
    I went to see Anne-Marie Fombu, amazing nurse/doctor, absolutely lovely service and compassionate girl.💗💗
    she took her time, explained procedure, walk me through every step, gave me enough time to go through some tender moments and discomfort involved… thank you Anne-Marie!

  • Love this place. Have been very helpful and my skin has improved a lot.

  • Dr. Anne Marie Fombu treated me with great care and made me feel very at ease and comfortable as this was my first experience with Botox. She also recommended the best skin care products and helped me with a new routine that has been life changing! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to know more about Botox, wanting Botox, or needing help with their skincare routine!

  • Having moved away from my old skin care place, I needed to find a new one. My old one had a laser hair removal machine that actually hurt, but having it done here was surprisingly painless! I would highly recommend going here for that service!

  • Dr. Anne Marie Fombu is absolutely amazing! She is the go-to for botox and facial balancing. She is very patient, compassionate and actually will spend time explaining the pros and cons of different procedures to you. She really tailors a skin regime specifically for your needs. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Amazing place! Dr Fombu was amazing! Very knowledgeable and got me started in the road to a cleaner face and better complexion. Highly recommend and will be a return client!

  • Carly Crowther is an exceptional aesthetic nurse specialist! I have been her client for over a year now, and I recommend her to anyone looking for Botox and filler. She is incredibly personable, and will go above & beyond to ensure you’re educated & comfortable with your treatment.

  • I am one who never believed in before and after photographs that I have seen in the past, I was certain that the photographs were altered. I’ve chosen to share my before and after photograph’s because I was such a skeptic, and now I’m a believer. From the front desk staff to the time I spent with Dr. Anne Mare Fombu, I felt seen and well cared for. I was so comfortable, and exhausted as well, that I slept through most of the procedure. Yet every time she was going to inject more of the filler or Botox, she woke me up to let me know what she was doing. I’m so expressed with her ethics, and professional care, but mostly it was Anne Maries grace that put me at ease. That is the real reason I was able to relax, I knew that I was in good hands. I HIGHLY recommend the services at Skin Spirit, and with Dr. Anne Marie Fombu, and its my sincerest hope that others find the same comfort, and amazing results as I did.

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