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  • I had an amazing experience getting a massage from Roberto! I was experiencing lower back pain and decided to get a 90-min massage session. Before the actual massage, Roberto took the time to understand my situation and provided a personalized experience. I had a very relaxing session and the tension I felt in my lower back definitely disappeared. I will definitely go back for more sessions.

  • Roberto is an incredibly talented massage therapist who tailors each session to focus on where you need the most attention. As someone who lives with chronic pain on a daily basis, the relief I felt in my neck, arms, and shoulders afterwards was worth every penny. And not only does Roberto provide an excellent massage, he is also extremely knowledgeable, and the wealth of resources and exercises he shares afterward has helped my body overall. I’ll definitely be seeking him out again!

  • Roberto was great! Communicative with scheduling, very friendly, knowledgeable, down to earth, and up front with his style, methodology, and expectations for our session. I was genuinely amazed at his ability to read, respond to, and work with the energy of the body, and he really helped me get back to work after some sudden severe muscle tightness. I will be back for sure!

  • Amazing experience! Cannot recommend enough.

  • It was simply wonderful! I get massages somewhat regularly and it was a joy to experience Alvarado’s personal style. It felt very personal and attuned rather than simply following a technique. I really enjoyed having parts of the body attended to that many other folks skip over for some reason (i.e. the shins, the sides of the torso, the jaw and facial muscles).The stretch aspects of the therapy/massage were amazing! Receiving supported/assisted stretching is so very different from doing it on your own. I wish I could wake up with this massage every day! I am from Chicago and the standards are high there for almost everything. Alvarado is Chicago Approved! 🙂

  • I went to Alvarado with seemingly disconnected issues of my lower back and my plantar fasciitis. Alvarado immediately saw how the two issues were interconnected and gave me a massage that addressed both. I now have an entirely new approach to my foot pain management. Thank you, Alvarado!

  • Roberto did an excellent job relieving muscle tension and working on the areas of concern. He checked in throughout the massage and I highly recommend him!

  • My massage from Roberto was just what I needed. He started by taking the time to understand what was going on with my ongoing neck and shoulder pain and to explain how this pain travels through my body. His approach addressed the issues that I was having; I have waited nearly a week to determine if the work he did to relieve the pain held or was temporary and it has held. I am very grateful; my neck and shoulders were seriously stuck and in pain and his massage has magically released the pain. Roberto is extremely skilled and intuitive and I am delighted to have found him.

  • Skilled. Thorough. Knowledgeable. Respectful. The best massage I have had to help my shoulder and neck pain.

  • After a two week vacation without my regular workout routine, a longhaul flight home from Asia and then a week on the couch with a lung infection, my body was feeling out of wack. I received my first 90-min massage with Roberto a couple days ago. At the beginning of the session, he really took the time to understand the areas (shoulders, neck, back stiffness) that I was particularly concerned about. The session was excellent: his technique was intuitive, he was communicative, and his incorporation of breathwork with the fascial work and stretching was great for me. I left feeling relaxed and refreshed. The next morning, I woke up surprised at how much more mobility and range of motion I had in my arms and shoulders. I was a little sore, which was a great sign that my body was healing and responding to Roberto’s therapy. I would recommend Alvarado’s Massage for bodywork, and I’m really glad to have found him.

  • Best massage ever!!! I struggle with nerve entrapment issues & this massage gave me more relief than literal surgeries I have had.

  • Made an appt for my birthday and had a wonderful 90-minute massage in a nice space. The relaxation and gentle stretching of the massage stayed with me for days. Thank you Alvarado!

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