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  • I’ve had several services here, but by far the best is their dazzle dry nail services. Chau is most amazing and talented nail technician I have ever experienced. I come here once a month without fail and don’t trust anyone else to touch me anymore. She’s incredible and has completely transformed my hands and feet

  • I bought the foot massage and body scrub package through groupon and it was such an disappointing experience. The massage time was very minimal. I got more foot massage when I go to a pedicure place.

  • I was recently in Seattle and purchased several Biologique Recherche products from this spa. They must not have a regular practice of checking expiration dates or rotating products for freshness because, of the three products they sold me, only one has an expiration date that will allow me to use the product until it is finished. These were very expensive and it is disappointing that they are selling old products to clients. Beware and check your expiration dates if purchasing here unless you prefer your products expiring in 3 months.

  • Very clear that my masseuse was on his phone during my massage. I had to confront him multiple times because he was so distracted he just…stopped…in the middle of service. I tried to talk to a manager but there was no one available. They left me in the waiting room for an absurd amount of time between services and straight up forgot me in one of the rooms. For the price I paid, I would expect some attentiveness.

  • I love a good massage and will indulge myself with one whenever I can. But a good massage is a personal and subjective thing and it’s very likely that you will appreciate different things about a treatment or a practitioner than I do. This is why each person’s opinion of their treatment isn’t really helpful. What is useful is knowing the merits of the facility itself. Is the staff engaged, polite, and helpful? How is the design of the facility? What is the environment like? What amenities are available? And what is the depth and breadth of the treatments provided? Is it a nice place to spend time before or after a treatment? Do they have a variety of practitioners able to meet the needs of various patrons? Also, what’s the environment like and is it an enjoyable place to spend some time before or after the treatment. By addressing these questions, a reviewer will tell me much more about the quality of any spa than by sharing their opinion about their treatment.

    With that in mind, I can report that Penelope is a nice facility with a very well managed experience. It’s just a little less recreational than what I typically look for. I like a place to spend some time before my treatment that helps me to relax and unwind. Now, the Fairmont Olympic is a lovely hotel, but it isn’t a resort or club and doesn’t offer a connected experience between the hotel’s pool and locker room area and the spa itself. They have a very lovely and comfortable waiting area for guests but there aren’t any heated pools, saunas, or steam rooms, and they’re an elevator ride away from one another. As such, I would consider the treatments on the expensive side for the overall value. This isn’t surprising to me given the location. It’s just that many luxury properties have a more luxurious spa experience for the price, though it should be noted that hotel guests get a discount on treatment and can use the hotel facilities prior. With all that said, I like the venue, menu, and staff. I just I don’t think Penelope makes much sense to visit if you’re not a guest of the Fairmont.

  • My Stylist, Tanya, is a professional who takes the time to listen to what I want to with my hair. She understands what the best cut for me would be, and she is always learning about color and style from industry experts. I am lucky to have her as a stylist.

  • Spectacular customer service from each and every person I worked with!

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