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  • I used to have so much anxiety about my skin and have tried so many different things since high school and have never really been able to get the results that made me confident until I came to Sapien. Kristen helped me and she was so on point and thoughtful and worked with me to help me find what works for my skin and made feel comfortable in a environment I’m usually not. Thanks sapien!

  • Simply the best. I’ve been a client for years. Sapien’s science-backed approach to skin health will reverse age you. So slather on your sunscreen and book your appointment today. Shop their online store and you’ll support a great local women-owned small business.

  • This place is extremely discriminatory towards marginalized people. Stephanie likes to fetishize and platform her POC token, Kristen, to make herself seem woke. All while dropping the r*slur for laughs. They insult people with mental health differences. These gentrifiers hate the neuroqueer and crips of color.

    UPDATE: 6/23/23. The owner Stephanie is claiming that I’m not a client. I am a client but have kept my review ANONYMOUS to prevent harassment. I received scar treatments from Kristen and had fun conversations with Jess (a fellow witch). I though their team was really cool and personable at first. But then, it became obvious that Stephanie fetishizes minorities, manipulates her clients, and bullies anyone who speaks up. She refuses any accommodations for disabled clients and jokes about them behind their back. Her response is a typical tactic to DISCREDIT and SILENCE those she sees as weaker and inferior. Do not trust this business!!

  • Sapien charged me $450 for an appointment I could not make due to an unexpected flight cancelation despite notifying them 24 hours in advance so that they adjust their staffing or open up the appointment to someone else. Additionally, there was no room to negotiate a win-win outcome for all parties (such as a reduced penalty to cover labor/ overhead costs or a credit to use on a future service).

    Sapiens’ 48-hour cancellation policy is not the first strict cancellation policy I’ve signed with a small business in the beauty industry. Lawyers vet these cancellation policies and make them more conservative than what small business owners typically put into practice to limit legal risks. I’ve learned from experience that business owners can use their judgment and make exceptions for extenuating circumstances.

    I recommend that Sapien adopt a more compassionate and solution-oriented approach that balances customer and business needs for established customers experiencing situations out of their control.

  • Sapien is heaven on earth! I’ve been getting treatments for just over a year now and my skin has TRANSFORMED. I love the science-backed approach they take to wholistic skincare. It makes sense, and it works.

    JESS is my QUEEN. She cares for each of her clients so deeply and she is solely responsible for how my skin has transformed, and my wonderful eyebrows. For the first time in my life I feel like I have a skincare routine that works.

    Kristen is the sweetest human being ever. Although I haven’t had many facials from her,(only one, which was lovely) she’s got mad laser hair removal skills, and makes you feel so comfortable throughout the process!

    I’ve never directly Interacted with Stephanie but she’s the boss lady so she must be amazing! She runs a fantastic business that delivers real results. Go to sapien! You won’t regret it.

  • My skincare journey with Stephanie at Sapien has transformed my skin to healthy, glowing results to which I never fathomed.

    Having battled melasma since my early 20s, I was hopeless about my skin until I stumbled into Sapien’s doors 4+ years ago.

    Stephanie is transparent, science-driven and results oriented. Her dedication and passion to her craft is rare and I’m grateful to be so lucky to have found such an incredible esthetician.

    Through a series of chemical peels, microneedling, laser, a uniquely curated skincare regimen and LOTS of SPF, I find myself loving the skin I’m in.

    Sapien helped me achieve the skincare results I used to dream of and I find myself excitedly awaiting my next appointment!

  • I have been going to Sapien Skin since my early twenties when it was located near Capital Hill. I’m 30 as of today, and will stay a forever client. I am very picky with who I choose to care for my hair, skin, nails, (you name it). Stephanie has never disappointed, and her team is full of talented, driven females. I love coming in for a lash lift and tint, and to get my eyebrows shaped up and darkened. She’s very honest and straightforward, which I appreciate as a client. I always walk away feeling refreshed and ONLY get compliments on my eyebrows and lashes after sessions with her. She’s hilarious and down to earth, and really cares about herself, her business, and her clientele.

  • The team at Sapien Skin have changed my skin and life forever! For anyone who has ever struggled with acne, you know how helpless it can feel to seemingly ‘try everything’ and not see results. I realized how ineffective all my former attempts had been and why exactly they were ineffective after just one session with Stephanie. Not only has she helped transform my skin, but also my mindset about nourishing my skin from the inside out. I’ve now been a client (and fan girl) for the past 4 years and will never look back. The best team in Seattle, hands down!

  • Kristin has been my esthetician for a few years now and the results are outstanding. Highly recommend.

  • I’ve been a client at Sapien Skin for about a year and have had a wonderful experience. Everyone is friendly and caring, and I always walk out with exceptional results. I look forward to my appointments every time!

  • I have my lashes tinted and lifted by Kristen, and they always turn out great. She’s super gentle and takes notes to make sure she is either making them better each time or doing what we know works. Lots of attention to detail and care!

  • I started seeing Jess about two years ago for waxing and after chatting about skin care, I started trying their skin products and getting facials periodically. I could see such a difference that I now get monthly facials. What I really appreciate about Jess is that she’s so knowledgeable about her craft and can explain why she’s recommending that you use (or stop using) a certain product. I seriously didn’t realize that just sitting at my computer in a dark room without sunscreen can cause skin damage! Jess is invested in her clients’ success and clearly isn’t trying to “sell” (which is the vibe that I’ve had with other aestheticians), as she’s even streamlined my product line when I “graduated” into maintenance mode. Jess also recognized that I likely have rosacea and recommended a dermatologist — and sure enough, I do have it and now have a prescription cream that works with the other skin products. Jess is not only a fantastic aesthetician but a great person, and I look forward to my visits as we wind up chatting the entire time! I’ve been able to get my husband into skin care (relaying Jess’ knowledge) and now he’s getting his second facial next week 🙂 I highly recommend Sapien!

  • Sapien Skin is the best place ever! Stephanie and Jess have been doing my brows and I’ve been getting facials here for a few years. My brows and skin have never looked better (seriously though, I had to go through brow rehab). They provide amazing advice and help you understand how to treat your skin from the inside out. I can’t say enough good things about Sapien Skin! They are the best!!!

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