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  • I cannot say enough great things about this place! I have never done Cool Sculpting before and I didn’t know much about it but I had heard great things from other people and I have gained some stubborn weight after covid so I decided to give Cool Sculpting a try.
    First of all, the office is so cute and comfortable. I felt like I was in such good hands with Katelyn as my Cool Sculpting specialist. She is incredibly kind and informative. She’ll be your best friend by the time you’re done.
    Secondly, the treatment itself is SO EASY. I went in expecting it to be a little uncomfortable but I had ZERO pain. Once Katelyn got me all ready, I just got to relax and watch Netflix while Cool Sculpting did its thing.
    Lastly, it’s only been 4 weeks and I can already tell a difference from just one treatment. My tummy is flatter and my arms, which have always been an insecurity of mine, are smaller! Take it from me, it WORKS!
    Over all the experience exceeded my expectations by far.
    Do yourself a favor and go see Katelyn! You won’t regret it.

  • I saw Katelyn a few weeks ago for cool sculpting of my abdomen and she was great! She was very caring and informed me on the perfect treatment plan for my goals. The clinic was welcoming, easy to get to, and I loved how comfortable the treatment chair was! Treatment itself was easy, quick, and virtually painless. I am beyond exited to see my progress and everyone should follow them on Instagram to see my results😉

  • I had a wonderful conversation when I tried to book an appointment where the person on the phone was really honest and we determined that I didn’t have the right criteria for a good coolsculpting treatment. As a healthcare provider, I really value this honesty. In a capitalist world where people are usually more than happy to take your money, it is so refreshing to find a place that is looking out for what is truly the best for the client.

  • Great experience from start to finish. Ms Ronda was super friendly and professional. Coolsculting procedure was quick and easy, and I saw great results after 4 weeks! Highly recommend Seattle Aesthetics!!

  • I could not have had a better experience from start to finish. Mrs. Ronda is a total professional and answered ever question with kindness and expertise. There is no pressure, just a safe space to figure out what will make you feel comfortable in your skin again. If your considering CoolSculpt, an assessment with Ronda is the place to start

  • Great experience and even better results. Highly recommend for those who want to select exactly where to remove their subcutaneous fat. After trimming the fat you can get some help toning those abs and have the 8 pack you have always wanted. 😊

  • Ronda at Seattle Aesthetics is the best!!! I have gone here twice now, for two different cool sculpting sessions on different body parts. I can already see incredible results from the first session. She made the entire experience positive from start to finish. She is very friendly, professional, and very skillful with cool sculpting. She walked through the whole procedure and aftercare, and answered all questions. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in trying this service to look no where else except for Seattle Aesthetics!

  • I can’t recommend cool sculpting enough. I opted for this over lipo because I didn’t want the downtime after the procedure and the pricing was more attractive. The procedure was painful, like really bad cramps, and I was tender for a week after (not too bad, I went skiing with no issues) but it was so worth it. I plan on treating myself to this every year because it has made me feel so much more confident. Brionna is also so sweet and helpful, so if you’re picking a place to do your sculpting, this is it.

  • I had a great experience with Seattle Aesthetics! I got cool sculpting done for my lower abdomen and bra bulge areas. Brionna was very helpful throughout the whole process and was always friendly and professional. I lost two inches in the bra bulge area and am so happy with the results!

  • I went to Seattle Aesthetics for CoolSculpting treatment and worked with Brionna. Their location was convenient and comfortable and they were priced very competitively for their services. Brionna was amazing and extremely professional, walking me through the entire process and making me feel very comfortable throughout. A few months later, I am seeing great results and am very happy! Would highly recommend Seattle Aesthetics and Brionna, and I will definitely be going back.

  • Incredible honesty – They said I wasn’t a good candidate. When a business turns down $2200 you know they are trustworthy.

  • I only can say good things about my customer experience with Seattle Aesthetics. Brionna is very professional and took enough time to go over any of my questions. I did not feel pushed or pressured into any type of treatment. Pricing was transparent and there were no surprises. The office is clean and welcoming, and you can watch TV/Streaming while the treatment is going on.

    Regarding CoolSculpting — It’s important to have realistic expectations and Brionna was very upfront with this and helped me understand what results to expect. CoolSculpting reduces fat in one session around 20% which is a noticeable difference in almost all cases. CoolSculpting resulted in no downtime for me (the red skin disappeared within an hour), and except for some tolerable discomfort/pain during the initial cooling phase, there were absolutely side effects. I am doing a second round of treatments to get the optimal results for me.

  • I just finished having my Cool Sculpting/Toning operations done and I am flabbergasted with the results. I have never been more happy about making a decision in my life.

    I love the fact that the sessions were quick and painless. The person I was working with was very friendly and polite. Whether you are someone who loves working out, or someone who wants to get back into shape, I highly recommend paying Seattle Aesthetics a visit. You won’t regret it!

  • I got coolsculpting done back in December on my stomach and love handles. My entire experience was very good. Brionna was super nice and very knowledgeable. The best part was, none of it was a sales pitch. It was very genuine. This was key for me! I was skeptical and I would have been even more skeptical if it was a sales pitch. The product sold itself. Fast forward 4-5 months later and I had substantial results. Within a few weeks I noticed my shirt fitting better as well. I would definitely recommend this. Don’t hesitate, just do it!

  • I highly recommend Seattle Esthetics if you are interested in Cool Sculpting. From start to finish everything was great! Brionna my treatment specialist, was wonderful! She was very professional and realistic in what I could expect with my results. After a short assessment, she was honest about what areas could be treated and what areas would not get results. I never felt any pressure to purchase a treatment. I decided to go ahead a schedule a treatment. My results- I noticed after 4 weeks my pants were becoming looser and 6 weeks later I was down one size! When I went in for my follow up assessment 3 months later, Brionna said that I lost 8.8 lbs and 9 inches overall!! I look and feel so much better. Overall, I am very pleased with my results and I would do it again!

  • I’ve previously had liposuction on my love handles and didn’t reach the results I was striving for, so looked into CoolSculpting. I was fairly skeptical, but it was modestly cheaper than another round of lipo and the treatment process was less invasive, resulting in less recovery downtime. I gave it a whirl.

    I had low expectations, since I’d already done lipo on this area – I figured the low hanging fruit was already picked. However, CoolSculpting delivered a quite respectable improvement, especially given the super easy recovery process!

    The treatment itself felt quite uncomfortable for short periods, but tolerable. I hated wearing the compression garments after lipo, and none were needed here. No broken skin, so no bandages either. My midsection was mildly tender and tingly when touched for a couple weeks, but this didn’t inhibit any daily activities.

    Seattle Aesthetics was conveniently located and professionally run. Brionna was punctual for our appointments and very communicative in every interaction I’ve had with her.

  • First of all, I want to set a precedent by saying I would recommend cool sculpting and especially from Seattle Aesthetics. I just wanted to leave a review because when I made my decision to get cool sculpting, the comments affected my decision and I wish I had read other opinions that were more dimensional. I had cool sculpting done here and didn’t really see the results I was fantasizing about, which I think is normal since I said it myself, I was fantasizing. However, my results don’t even look remotely like before and after pictures you see as example, which of course, it’s advertising why would they show bad results. I lost an inch around my waist, same weight, and my love handles are still there. I’m at a “normal” weight at 165 and being 5’9” and carry most of my extra weight around my midsection. Which after doing my research, read I was a good candidate for cool sculpting and seeing results. In fact, I knew two people who had done cool sculpting and recommended not having it done because they did not see results, but I rationalized it in my head that because they had “extra” weight all around, unlike me, it was harder for them to notice the results. I think they might been right though after seeing my results. The reason I’d still recommend cool sculpting though is because I did see some results, on my back, my love handles don’t protrude as much and my back looks flatter compared to before when it was more lumpy. I am pretty happy about those results, but I was definitely going for slimming down my sides or even less protruding on my back because it still does protrude out. My main take is that for the price point, I’d don’t recommend the procedure unless you are well off or if you save up for a while so you don’t miss the money. For $1,300 (after a birthday promo and saving $50), I’d rather have splurge on a personal trainer.

    I did notice two red flags, one of which I won’t be disclosing because I don’t wish to throw anyone under the bus, the other one though was that because I didn’t see much results (not just according to me), they offered to have me do the procedure again for 30% off at over $1,200. I don’t remember the exact number she said other than it was twelve hundred and something. I don’t know what that was about though because 30% of $1,350 would be $945 (if my math is right), and I’m sure that could have been easily cleared up if I asked but by the time she had offered that I already knew I didn’t want to have the procedure done again just in case I felt like I wasted more money. Like I said, if money isn’t an issue for you and you’re thinking of having the procedure done, I definitely recommend Seattle Aethetic. Brionna was so personable and accommodating and just overall warm. Compared to Ideal Image which I contacted with inquiries before, and in my opinion, they were so pushy and would not take no for answer even after I made multiple attempts to cancel the consultation. It felt like a car salesman trying to persuade me to buy something. Not someone I want messing with my body.

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