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  • Had a great experience with microneedling, and looking forward to going back for a facial!

  • So happy I found Celeste! She takes the time to address all of my skin concerns and really cares about making you look and feel your best! I’ve seen amazing results in just a few treatments and couldn’t be happier!! Also highly recommend her for brow shaping

  • WARNING* DO YOUR RESEARCH * had an awful experience. Celeste is super unprofessional late and messing up schedule dates. Should’ve known from the day I went in for a micro needling. She suggested (more like upsells $$) a dermaplane, micro needle, chemical peel combo. Didn’t give much of any info on after care. The products that she sent me home with were already half GONE. Was already super nervous about a chemical peel because anything could go wrong. My skin was already super sensitive went in for a follow up and she did ANOTHER PEEL. Kept asking about my concerns because my skin was dry flaky and blotchy after 2 weeks and kept gaslighting me saying that was “normal” Finally decided to go in to at another place and they said my skin barrier is damaged and can take 3 weeks to heal. She also kept suggesting I use retinol peels and acids on my face to help with the dryness. Insane. Really disappointing on not just the amount of money spent but the time I’m going to have to spend to try to recover from it.

  • Cece has been my esthetician for years and for good reason. She is extremely knowledgeable and customizes my facial- knowing exactly what my skin needs just by looking at it! I can always count on my face looking fresher, more hydrated and glowing by the end of my visit. I would definitely recommend coming here for a treatment if you want your skin to look and feel amazing!

  • Cece delivers the best tans – they are perfectly even, the right tone, and seem to last longer than others I’ve had. The difference of going on a trip or out with this tan is ten fold – plus she’ll come to you or find time in a bind.

  • Cece is truly a gift! She is a magician when it comes to skin and skincare but she’s also just a wonderful human. She cares about her clients and takes such good care of all my needs. I can text her/call anytime and she answers. She has been so flexible with her time – she sees me when it works for me, even during her off hours. She’s incredible! Do yourself a favor and go to Truallure! You won’t be dissapointed.

  • My face is happy and it’s not just the smile. Celeste does wonders for the skin. She is a true professional and understands her craft. Her knowledge and skills came through with amazing results. All her recommendations were very helpful and improved my skin as well. I would not be where I am without the help. The spa is easy on the eyes and has a positive energy. I was always greeted as soon as I came in the door and treated professionally with every encounter. Go see Celeste at Tru•Allure! You will be so grateful you did!

  • Had a great experience getting my lashes lifted and tinted! They look amazing and have lasted very well. So great for feeling put together on no makeup days. Celeste is fabulous, very friendly and welcoming. I love that I can book online or by text and that she has evening times available, makes it super convenient for me. Lots of free parking in the neighborhood.

  • Best skincare! My acne has cleared up so much!! I go at least once a month.

  • I first came to TruAllure for a facial as a treat for myself, and after meeting Cece, we started talking about my skin and what I would need to do to invest in & achieve long term results. I had always struggled with figuring out which products worked best for me (partly due to so much information on the internet). She suggested a routine of Dr. Dennis Gross products which I have been using consistently for 2 months. I noticed improvements after the first week and my skin seems to be happy with what I’m doing. I also started microneedling to get the results I want that will not be achieved by only using products, and after just my first session, I noticed my skin tone evening out, pores shrinking and less congested, and an overall smooth glow that I did not have before!

    Highly recommend visiting Cece as she is great at identifying what your skin needs and working with you to get both short terms results and long lasting improvements! She’s truly an expert in the field and it makes my visits much more relaxing when I trust someone’s opinion!

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