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  • I started visiting Erica for lymphatic drainage and she’s incredible! She always seems to be more in tune with my body than I am. She uses an electric drainage techniques which is much more effective than manual alone.

    The process is very relaxing. You lie down on a plush heated massage table, and she uses small electrode bulb devices that feel similar to when you touch those old plasma ball lamps from the 80s. It’s just a small tingle feeling, nothing uncomfortable or painful. Erica finds sore spots on your body and does lymphatic massage with her hands or the bulbs, similar to what a knot on your back feels like while getting a deep tissue massage, but gentler. If you’re nervous the first time like I was, Erica talks you through every step of the process Afterwards, you feel much lighter and more refreshed!

    I cannot recommend Uma Clinic enough. She’s been in the business for many years and she knows her stuff. Erica will take great care of you, too!

  • Great service, I like the microneedling

  • Fantastic body work! I have been seeing Erica for deep tissue and muscle work since my early twenties. Highly skilled practitioner!

  • Erica, an expertly skilled intuitive therapist at Uma Clinic, has been the much-needed balm for my mind, body and soul for several years now. She’s provided me everything from therapeutic massage, and manual lymphatic drainage, to cavitation.
    I am SO grateful I found Erica, because no matter what myriad of symptoms I present, she always fixes me.

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