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  • An amazing dental office offering outstanding care in a clean & high vibrational atmosphere.✨
    Dr. Yoo is who I saw and he did an impeccable cleaning on my teeth. He is great at what he does, informative and very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend Spanaway Dental Wellness to anyone looking for a dentist.😁💯

  • I was just in town for a couple days and needed to see a dentist for some tooth pain and they were able to fit me in the day I called and helped with the problem. Everyone was very nice and helpful

  • Dr Yoo made my visit very satisfying!! Thank you!!

  • This is the most amazing place!
    (As a child in New Zealand I had some traumatic dental episodes that instilled a life long fear of going to the dentist)
    However, this lovely, tastefully decorated, calm environment, Drs. & staff go a long way to healing that inner child in me.
    The Drs. Immediately make you feel at ease, they listen, they genuinely care, YOU ARE a name not a number!!
    They are overwhelmingly generous with their time and expertise.
    The office staff (whether in front or behind the desk) welcome you with a kind, caring smile that immediately put you at ease !
    I feel SAFE!!
    I recommend this community and family practice 100% to anyone and everyone!!

  • Always amazing, I had a great surgical experience.

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