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  • Love AG Aesthetics. Dr. Gabriel, Bre and the entire team are amazing. My skin has never looked better. I also had a abdominal surgery (medical) and Dr. Gabriel was one of my surgeons. He is very talented and has great bedside manner. I feel fortunate to be able to get care with this team

  • Dr Gabriel delivered the outcome I was looking for. His medical staff and office staff are fantastic, so professional!

  • I am posting this review pre op to show how much I believe in this Doctor and that he will be the one to make my dreams come true. I couldn’t be more excited especially when I saw him yesterday during our consultation he definitely reassured my already positive update : exactly what I expected but just not happy that it didn’t include lipo on my stomach I was under the impression I was getting lipo in stomach that was the whole point of going through this whole ordeal. He said my stomach needs more of a tummy tuck .Doubt it I actually found a doc Here in Vancouver who is willing to do BB and the 360 lipo even if you have a stomach or pouch even if it’s noticeable big he will do it he won’t try to tuck your stomach it’s at NW Laser check them out there in Vancouver. I just wish O would have known that I wasn’t getting a attitude towards his work and believing that he is in fact the right person to perform this procedure. I will post something post op 7/8/2020 as well to update my results and overall experience with him and his staff who have been good to me through the begining of my journey to s better body. I am confident the review will stay positive!

  • Dr. Gabriel is great! He listens, is funny, and is a real person (no fancy doctor words). 😂 The staff is terrific as well, and the new office location is beautiful.

  • Dr.Gabriel is AMAZING! For some reason I was nervous about going in for a breast augmentation consult and eventually the surgery. It was something I had wanted for a long time but didn’t know what to expect and he made me forget about all of my worries! He was so professional, friendly and made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. I’m 4 months post op now and am absolutely in love with the new body he helped me achieve. I recommend him to anyone I can!

  • There are no ugly women, only women who don’t know how to be beautiful.

    I’ve been a patient of Dr Gabriel for 11 years and counting, he’s a 5 star doctor plus a wonderful team of nurses and medical assistants working with him (Vivian, Jess & Maddy). He’s a wonderful doctor and I love working with him. He’s very thorough and takes even the littlest things into consideration; he’s a very kind and outgoing person. Thank you for doing the things you did for me to get prettier. Not even a million thank-you’s would be enough to express my gratitude to him.


  • Dr Gabriel is truly the best. He is such a kind and caring physician.

  • Dr. Gabriel is the most caring Dr. I have had through my breast cancer journey. He helped me feel whole again after my double mastectomy. I feel like I look better than before!

  • I am writing this review for Dr. Gabriel and his staff.

    Dr. Gabriel is not only a great great great plastic surgeon. He is simply a kind, patient, caring and compassionate man. He genuinely cares about people. It is just so hard to find a doctor like him these days.

    To make it concise, Dr. Gabriel saw me twice in the last 4 months (today being the most recent) and gave me very ACCURATE diagnosis for my scar-related issues. Other doctors and dermatologists just didn’t give accurate diagnosis except Dr. Gabriel. Dr. Gabriel also gave me great instructions for scar massages. Dr. Gabriel absolutely amazes me and I only trust his judgment!

    But even beyond this, I truly feel this man is such a wonderful and loving person. It warms my heart as a patient.

    His staff are also very caring and helpful. His P.A. saw me to ease my concern when I came in but Dr. Gabriel was out-of-office. Everyone was there to genuinely help patients. The entire office just has this warm and loving culture obviously because of Dr. Gabriel.

    Dr. Gabriel also treated a friend of mine’s dog bite accident successfully, when a different plastic surgeon whom I sent my friend’s photo to could not offer any treatment plans whatsoever!

    Dr. Gabriel is God sent. Truly special. A wonderful wonderful human being.

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