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  • Awkward situation, I went for a consultation for laser liposuction. The doctor said I would have great results even though he recommended two sessions. I did notice that the doctor was a little irritated by all the questions. He obviously didn’t like it. The way he handled it and walked out of the room was awkward. He just said the details come later on and we didn’t have to go over all of that and I would get my quote. By email. Then I receive the email saying I wasn’t a good candidate because of the fat amount.

    I had already decided not to continue with going there but thought after receiving the short email I was surprised. So unprofessional and scetch.

  • I recently got lip filler done at Nuance. Oh my goodness… If you’ve been considering lip filler, go to Nuance! Everything about the process was so easy and painless. They took photos of my lips before and walked me through my natural characteristics to make sure we were going for the most natural look. They do a great job of making the actual procedure painless as well. Applying the numbing cream twice before helps, but they make sure you’re comfortable and distracted while getting the actual filler.

    Seriously – 100000% worth it.

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