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  • I have been going here for over ten years. My skin quality greatly improves when I us their product. They can be expensive but in my opinion it’s definitely worth it. Great customer service and Celeste is the best esthetician !!

  • I was at the breaking point with my skin and the Acne Treatment Center saved me! I went from having very little breakouts in my teens to cystic hormonal acne in my mid twenties. So, I was having the worst acne of my life for about 3 years, then I got engaged and I knew it was time to get professional help for my skin. I only wish I would have done it soon. It took me 6 months of treatment to get my skin fully cleared and not having to worry about acne on my wedding day was the best feeling ever! Thank you Acne Treatment Center for helping me feel beautiful in my own skin!

  • As a woman in her late 30s that has dealt with acne since high school/college, I wish I had found this place years ago. They have helped my skin tremendously and although I have scars from acne 20 years ago I feel better in my skin than ever. Now, with teenagers of my own, I know where to bring them if they need it.

  • I didn’t realize what it was like to not have constant breakouts until I started going to the acne treatment center. I had deep cystic acne and blackheads and now I love my skin so much I don’t even wear foundation. Some folks have complained about having to throw out all your products… yeah that part was hard but it’s worth it in the end. Also it is not inexpensive to get started. But again you will eventually get to a place where you are just doing maintenance at home and that is very reasonable in my opinion. I’ve been using ATC products now for almost 6 years and I am so thankful I found them.

  • I cannot believe I have not reviewed this place before. I LOVE it here. I followed their program back in 2013 for a couple years and it completely worked to clear my skin. Everyone that has ever worked here for Dr. Jane is so professional and kind. I never have time to make it in for facials anymore which I greatly miss, but I still use their products exclusively (and obsessively!) if I get a breakout, their products eliminate it in a day or two. My skin is more smooth and glows. They have a variety of products and now their phone order and pick up is super easy and simple. I have sent so many people here who struggle with acne and want real results. Seriously I know this review is long but this is one of my all time favorite businesses. You will love your experience and love your skin. Thank you Dr. Jane and the whole staff for what you do!!

  • So far my daughter loves her acne specialist, and the treatments seem to be working. The change in my daughter’s confidence means all the world to me and she’s been able to contact her specialist at any time, which gives her security

  • The only reason I am leaving this review is because the Acne Treatment Center was not for me and I wanted to explain why for others who might be in the same boat.

    I came here a little over a year ago and only had one appointment.
    I am 27 years old and have been struggling with acne since I was 14. My acne has changed through each shift in my life (from teen pimples and blackheads to hormonal acne to bad skin damage). As we all do, I had tried everything from simple off the shelf acne treatment to doctor prescribed medications.

    When I came to the Acne Treatment Center, my acne was at the worst its has ever been- my jawline was completely full of all kinds of acne. I was going into my appointment hoping to discuss my current products and using special treatments by an esthetician.
    Everyone at the clinic was very nice, however after spending two hours there, I left with a lot of unanswered questions and feeling like I needed to find advanced help elsewhere. Here’s why:
    – I had lots of different topical treatments I wanted to discuss that some I have had success with, but I was told that all of them were no good and I should not use any of them.
    – I asked about light therapy (I had purchased a great light mask) and if I should keep using it or if I should stop using it or what the benefits or cons are and she did not seem to know anything about it. The first time I asked, the question did not get addressed and when I asked again I got a response along the lines of – I don’t know.
    – I felt like everything I was told was scripted and that my personal skin issues were not getting addressed and there was no advice outside of their intro packet and products.

    I knew my acne was unique and felt like I needed someone to be asking me all of the questions instead of just assuming my case and treatment. The products I was given I used for two months and saw a slight bit of improvement. I was advised to come back every two weeks for treatment and when I had to cancel the first appointment, I tried to reschedule with the same esthetician that somewhat knew my case and I was told that it is recommended to see all of the estheticians at the clinic.
    Although I am sure my acne would have continued to improve (and I know that my acne would take about a year to clear) and I did not have a “bad” experience with them, I sadly felt like just another customer number.
    Instead of continuing to go to the clinic, I started seeing an Advanced Esthetician in Oregon who has been working with me since. She started off by doing IPL laser acne treatment on my skin every two weeks which dramatically improved my skin. She discussed my current topical acne treatments and which ones to keep and which ones were too much for my skin. She also added the DMK acne line and ZO Skin Health to my treatment which has done nothing but improve my skin slowly but surely. She also has done acne facials and microneedle treatments which help my very stubborn skin. She diagnosed that my pores are very deep and skin is very tough instead of necessarily “overly oily”.

    My advice is to find an esthetician who specializes in acne and can create a specialized treatment regimen specifically for you and your acne. The Acne Treatment Center was not for me and my acne.

  • The ABSOLUTE worst! Ruined my skin! Not to mention, none of them know what they are doing. No one’s an actual dermatologist—not even the woman who started the place. Don’t waste your money! Safe your face and save your wallet. Go to NW dermatology they know what they’re doing!

  • My experience was not like the majority of reviews you see. I’ve went to the clinic for probably 6 months if not more and noticed how much worse my skin got. I came in with only blackheads and whiteheads and leaving, I had big cystic red bumps all over my face. I had skin burn from the benzoyl peroxide cream and every time I came in for facials none of the aestheticians helped me with that. All they needed to tell me was to rebuild my skin barrier. My skin was SOOO dry and peeling and all they told me to do was to keep following the routine they gave me. I stopped going there, bought cerave hydrating foaming cleanser and cerave daily moisturizer and my big red pimples were gone. As for my white heads and blackheads, those didn’t disappear. If this place worked for you, that’s really good. I just
    had a bad experience maybe.

  • I suffered from inflamed and cystic acne due to the mask-wearing from the pandemic and hormonal changes. Since I’ve started seeing Celeste and Kaylee a little over a month ago, my skin improved significantly with the skin care regime I was put on and the treatments they provided during my visits. Both Celeste and Kaylee are very knowledgeable and informative about all the products that they choose for your skin that’s catered to your skin type, condition, etc. If you were like me who felt hopeless and at a dead end with your acne, I would highly recommend a visit to ATC. I really love them and I’m so grateful that I started my journey with them!

  • If you struggle with acne, this is the place for you! When I became pregnant I started developing hormonal acne and no matter what expensive skincare products I tried, nothing was working for me. Ever since I started going to ATC my skin has never been more clear and radiant. I will forever purchase their products! All the staff members are very informative and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this place!

  • We brought our daughter here after seeing a dermatologist and following a year of various treatments with little success. The ATC knew exactly what was needed and had my daughter’s skin completely cleared in a few short months. My daughter enjoys the staff and her confidence has been restored.

  • I recently moved from the Portland area to Florida, but I still order The Acne Treatment Center’s products because they have truly changed my life. Thank you for your incredible team and helping me gain back confidence with clear skin!

  • I have been suffering from acne vulgaris for more than 10years. I have had consulted many doctors from India as well as US, all my effort went in vain. On 2019 while I was visiting my sister in Vancouver, I happend to notice “The Acne Treatment Center”, Finally after all those efforts I found this amazing place and with in 2.5 months, there was a marked difference with my acne. This place does magic for whomever struggling with acne. Thanks to Jane and her colleques.

  • Money well worth it! Don’t waste anymore more time and money with as seen on tv products. Their system is individualized tried and true. Staff is also all great as well!

  • Professional & Informative Staff!

    Upon my first visit to The Acne Treatment Center, I was impressed by how educated all the staff was. They answered and explained every question and/or concern I had, in much detail. The facials with which they treat and analyze your skin conditions with are very gentle and soothing. They also customize your entire skincare routine ahead of time and provide you with all the products you will need to care for your skin at home. You MUST follow your customized plan and be patient to see results.

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