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  • Edit: I got a laser treatment called PicoSure a few weeks ago and I am blown away by the results. Kat did my treatment (love her!). I’ve only had one treatment and wasn’t expecting noticeable results, but I’m shocked at what I’m seeing so far, and it’s supposed to improve even more over time. I scheduled another session and will consider a third (a package of three is what they recommended). The treatment itself was slightly uncomfortable but nowhere near as painful as other laser treatments I’ve had. It was just warm and kind of stung at times, but it was totally bearable. The downtime was minimal and again, the results are amazing!

    So happy I found this place! Clean, professional, lots of modern and advanced treatments to choose from. Erica did my Botox and I’m very pleased with the whole experience. Nice discount for new clients, too.

  • Amazing service, very happy with the results and will defenetly go back again!

  • I have a very bad experience Luma Medspa they are a liar. They told me the the product I’m going to use for my malaiit’s gonna work and she told me she follow up for me and she leave a message. She’s a liar I don’t recommend them at all. Spent too much money for the product and did not work.

  • So disappointed. They sold me nearly expired retinol. Their products must sit on their shelves for a long time so make sure you check their expiration dates. This was my first time here and I didn’t pay attention to the dates because everywhere else I’ve bought retinol from doesn’t expire until at least 2 years. I’ve used this product for many years and this is the first time I’ve had this happen to me.

  • I was so excited to invest in myself for laser hair removal in 2022! I was sold a package of 6 sessions for 3 areas, and I cost me a pretty penny! I was told when I made the purchase that it would take 2-3 sessions, and then I could bank the remaining sessions for touch ups down the road. At the end of my 6th session, I was told it takes an average of 12 sessions. I was so disappointed that I was misled by the original sales rep. I felt stuck because I wasn’t anticipating another large bill to finish. When I received the new bill, it was actually quite a bit more than my first 6 sessions, and I was told prices had gone up and there was nothing they could do.

    For the record, Jena (who manages the laser hair) is awesome, and I feel like she knew I’d been deceived. I got the sense I might not have been alone. But it seems to me like since I spent close to $2k on that initial package under the impression that was all I would need, that when I needed more sessions, they should have offered the remaining sessions at a significant discount. I never would have started if I knew they would cost that much more.

  • I already left a Yelp review but seriously need everyone to know if I could give this place 10/5 stars, I would! I cannot rave about this place enough. I’ve have gone here, to get my filler done, twice and both times I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Leslie and Dr. Conrad are so attentive, patient, really listen to what you want and perform the procedures flawlessly! They make sure you’re as comfortable as possible even when getting poked by needles. Not to mention they are just lovely people. The rest of the staff are very friendly and accommodating as well. Highly recommend this med spa!

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