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  • I had a wonderful PCA peel experience! Great explanation of what it would be like, application, and conversation – I’ll definitely be coming back!

  • Went to Ellis Esthetics for laser hair removal…. I saw Fiona for the first time and she was GREAT !! Made what I was worried would be uncomfortable very comfortable…. No pain anywhere at all …. She is very knowledgeable and very fun work with…. A great place!!!!

  • I am so happy I found Ellis Esthetics. It’s so hard these days to find genuine people who actually want to help you and don’t only care about making money. But I can confidently say everyone at Ellis Esthetics is genuine, truly wants to help you and will be honest with you. I have worked mostly with Shana and Kelli, who I love both. They always make me feel comfortable and have been so accommodating. I was able to try a laser treatment that really cleared up my acne and helped with hyperpigmentation. I will continue to go to them for various treatments as they have left such a positive impact on me and helped me out so much!

  • I want to let know guys, mis Kelli she is a wonderful person, and also she do a great job and great customer service ,

  • I had microdermabrasion here with Kelli and I am in love with the results! The entire process was thoroughly enjoyable. She made me so comfortable. She was meticulous in her process and I can see the results in my texture, pore size, pigmentation, and fine lines already by day 4. She was informative, so knowledgeable, funny, and is just lovely to be around. I will definitely come back and recommend this wonderful person and facility to anyone!

  • The laser is virtually painless and the Kelli is great!

  • Ellis did laser hair removal on my face and she did a fantastic job. Everything was set at a reasonable price. She was so kind and she coached me through my first time.

  • Honestly the best most comfortable hair removal I’ve ever had. Sheerin is so kind, welcoming, and informative. Laser hair removal has always been a painful experience until now. I’ll keep coming back to Ellis Esthetics to see Sheerin from here on out.

  • Shana did my painless laser hair removal. She was very professional and made me feel at ease and comfortable. She explained the process very well. Great service, affordable, it was so worth it! I have dark hair and I had very effective results. I recommend to my friends and family. Thanks Shana!

    Update Came back for another session.
    Shana always does a great job making me feel comfortable and safe during my laser. Thank you! Will come back again!

  • Shana is my FAVORITE! She is the sweetest, kindest and hardworking person. She is very professional and made me feel at ease and taken care of. Each step she makes sure that i feel comfortable. She explained the process very well. All of my questions are nicely answered and feels amazing after my session! Great service, affordable, it was so worth it! Highly recommended!!!! Thanks Shana 😊.

  • I was really excited when I came across the Groupon for a chemical peel. After looking online they had several other services I was really interested in trying and I was hoping to establish myself as a regular client. I’ve emailed them THREE times over the course of several weeks, called and left messages and have had NO RESPONSE back whatsoever. That’s horrible customer service. I just requested a refunded for my purchases as this is definitely not the kind of clinic that I’d want to go to. What if I’d had treatment and had questions or a reaction and was just ignored? No thanks.

  • If you are reluctant to try laser hair removal please read this!

    About 15 years ago I tried professional laser hair removal. It was super expensive and the results were… meh. About 4 years ago I bought a home laser kit for about $500 justified by technology advances. Results were better… but the maintenance was extensive. It took me about 3 hours every 2 weeks and with kids, work, and life it fell to the wayside. Cut to recently, I had a bunch of girlfriends seeing Shayna with Ellis Esthetics and they were super happy with the results of their laser hair removal. Still dreading shaving daily/every other day (I am an ideal laser hair removal candidate- light skin dark/coarse hair) I decided I would give it a shot. Definitely reluctant because one treatment is the cost of my home laser (I’m doing Brazilian, full leg, and armpit). Let me tell you- I shaved my arm pits once since my first treatment. Legs twice, after 1 treatment!!! I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, I know this is just the beginning but I’ve never had results like this. And the freedom of not shaving has been worth it’s weight in gold. Shayna is awesome, she’s fun to talk to, and passionate about her work and results! Soon shaving for me will be a thing of the past and I’m so excited!

    I’ll keep this post updated 🙂

  • I have been going to Ellis Esthetics for laser hair appointments. I was a bit skeptical beforehand but had such a great experience so far. The process is virtually pain free and very effective. Sheerin is professional, customer oriented, and knowledgeable. I absolutely recommend her.

  • Shana is really friendly and cheerful. Also, the laser used for hair removal hurt a lot less than the laser at the previous place I went to. Highly recommend this clinic!

  • The best. No pain, nicest estheticians, fast results. Love them!!

  • I’ve been coming here for over a year now to have my facial hair removed as I have coarse dark hair that is imbedded deep in my skin and now it’s almost all gone! I’ve been working with both Kelli and Shana over this time and I really enjoy my visits. I haven’t been to another laser treatment skin care clinic, but I don’t think I will need to. I really appreciate the amount of patience, effort, and care that Ellis Esthetics gives it’s patrons. Thank you so much for all your efforts.

  • Sheerin is awesome! From the moment I walked in and until I was finished I was treated with warm, friendly, genuine care. She is AMAZING! She not only asked what I wanted but explained every step along the way. She made suggestions that complimented mine. You can tell she wholeheartedly enjoys what she does. And it shows in the end result.

  • Sheerien is very kind and Knowledgeable of the laser hair removal process. It is a entirely pain-free experience. I have been very happy with the results

  • i have been doing my treatment here and I absolutely love how engaged they are are listens to the problems.

  • If you’re on the fence about getting their pixel face laser, I recommend you go ahead and do it! Sheerin was the woman who did my procedure and she made me feel very comfortable. She was cheery and had a great attitude when I was concerned about how painful the laser would be. My acne scars and wrinkles are showing a significant improvement and I have another appointment in a month!

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