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  • I had a wonderful experience with Erin at Emerald City Beauty during my visit for laser hair removal. She is very skilled with her many years in the beauty industry. I look forward to my future appointments!

  • Erin,
    The beautiful, funny, kind and so talented and patient with her experience and explanations, is the only person I would go to, for graceful aging treatments and skincare!
    She’s not pushy at all and after my visit with her,
    I was told by several people that I looked so rested, and where did I go on my vacation. I was also told I looked like I looked years younger.
    I felt zero pain or discomfort… in fact I laughed so hard, because Erin is so down to earth and I felt like she was such a perfectionist, without feeling the pressure of more, more more. If anything she focused on less. Plus the tinted sunscreen & facial creams she gave me are amazing!
    If you’re thinking about any “youth changers” Erin & Emerald City Beauty is worth traveling from any State, to see, laugh with and not get ripped off or over sold and look and feel they joy of youth.
    You’ll glow and laugh… especially if you have kids because listening to her talk about her kids was the best! Absolutely nothing but praise from this lady!!😊💯

  • Erin is very knowledgeable and professional! She explained everything she was doing and gave me excellent advice on my future skin care routines. She’s also one of the nicest person I’ve met! I would recommend her to anyone

  • I went to Erin wanting to know what to do with my aging neck. My concerns were crepey and sagging skin and deepening wrinkles.
    She recommended doing a fibroblast plasma pen treatment. It took about 2 hours for a full neck treatment and about ten days of healing.
    I could see results after just 2 weeks post healing but I am now at 3 months post treatment and I can’t believe how much of a difference it has made. The skin on my neck is much tighter and smoother and my jawline is so much more defined. I have people constantly telling me how great my skin looks and how young I look. 🥰
    Friends are actually asking me what my secret is. I just say Erin. She’s extremely knowledgeable and I trust her completely to tell me what to expect during and after treatment and also what reasonable results to expect.
    I am scheduling my next treatment to address fine lines around my lips and eyes and my nasolabial folds.
    I am so happy to have found Emerald City Beauty and Erin!

  • Erin is absolutely amazing, professional, and did an great job walking me through the entire process of what to expect to comprehensive after care for my first every micro needling and chemical peel appointments. My face looks amazing, and I’m definitely going back to continue the series!

  • Erin was so kind, patient and amazing to work with! She took her time explaining everything and really talking it through. And on top of that she did an amazing job. I’m so happy with my Botox and will only go back to her for that and any future services! Go see Erin- you won’t regret it!!

  • Erin is absolutely wonderful and made me feel so comfortable. I will definitely be back in the near future!

  • Went to Erin for botox and she was a delight to work with! She was very informative on results and what to expect even before the injections started. She asked me what my goal was, and it turned out amazingly well. Her injections are quick and the type of botox she uses feels really natural. I had injections before (at another place) and it made my face feel really tight and stiff). Erin is a true professional and amazing to chat with! I love my results!!!!

  • I have had several treatments done with Erin at Emerald City Beauty. I started with Botox and lip filler and loved the results. Two weeks ago I got plasma pen done on the lines around my mouth and did a plasma pen neck lift. I didn’t have high hopes for my neck because I had so much texture and my skin was so loose. I am two weeks out from my plasma pen procedure and I cannot believe the difference. The lines around my mouth have softened so much my makeup doesn’t get stuck in them anymore and I cannot believe how much tighter my neck is. The full results of my procedure are still several weeks out, but if the results I have already are any indication of what the end result will be, I will be ecstatic.

  • Erin is a gem of a skincare professional! I was searching for someone to help me with ongoing skincare treatments after moving back to Bellevue to help me look my best (anti-aging, wrinkles, etc). I’ve had a purposeful skincare routine and treatments for the past 20 yrs and have worked with many professionals over that time and Erin literally gave me the best results I’ve ever had in my first visit! She’s knowledgeable, personable and really cares about her clients. I cannot recommend Erin highly enough if you are looking for exceptional help with your skincare.

  • Not only are they extremely professional and amazing at what they do, but they are so fun! I have had Botox at very well established chains before, and I will never go back. Emerald City Beauty is my new favorite place and I will recommend them to all of my friends. Erin is simply the best!!!

  • I decided I wanted to give Botox a try. Erin at Emerald City Beauty was so lovely! She was very knowledgeable and walked me through the whole process and what to expect. It was quick and virtually painless. She made me feel really comfortable and told me everything I could experience in the coming days. I am 1 week post Botox now and my results have already surpassed my expectations. I will definitely come back and see her for more than just Botox in the future!

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