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  • After a few visits and experiencing most of the equipment / treatment options a I can absolutely say this place is cutting edge. This technology addresses ailments on all levels of being for the most complete level of holistic healing I’ve ever seen in one place. I very highly recommend giving this place a visit and sampling as many treatments as you can – especially the theta pod ! It’s worth it. The owner, the medical director and everyone who works there will help you every step of the way. This is the new way. Go once – I bet you’ll go back ! And Dr Bokman is an extraordinary holistic naturopath who will walk with you on your healing journey.

  • As a massage therapist and yoga instructor, I am continually seeking out new and complementary supports for my clients, many of whom deal with chronic pain, stress and postural challenges from working at a desk. The interdisciplinary team at Healthy Beings takes a truly innovative approach to prevention and wellness that is like nothing else I have seen or experienced. A highly customized spin in their theta chamber can calm frazzled nerves in just half an hour. Twenty minutes with the muscle-and-bones setting in their warm and wonderful red light therapy chamber, meanwhile, and the tensions of the day simply melt away. Trent, Dr. Jeff, Dr. Elisha and the entire team at this one-of-a-kind health center are doing such inspiring work to help people not just heal… but thrive! Highest possible recommendation here. I can’t wait to go back!

  • I was introduced to Healthy Beings at a wellness event my employer sponsored for employees. My health journey in the past neglected the mental health & cellular recovery connection to physical health. Focusing on diet & exercise alone, I was not reaching my full potential. The knowledge of Lauren as a health coach and the passion towards healing each client that Trent brings shows in the entire staff. I came with a open mind, and the journey has been life changing. I highly recommend the entire team at Healthy Beings.

  • I can’t speak highly enough about my experience at Healthy Beings. From the initial consultation, staff is very helpful and informative. Working with Lauren there was amazing, and the founder, Trent, is one of the most fun and interesting people to talk about health and general well being. You can tell there is passion for all things health, while also at the forefront of trying new technologies and out of the box thinking on cause vs effect. Would highly recommend!

  • The gratitude I have for what Lauren and the team at Healthy Beings has done for me goes above and beyond a “Thank You.” From building up my memory retention and restoration, to reducing inflammation and back pain, I can confidently say I haven’t felt this good in 10 years, and its all due to their expertise. As a former athlete and having tried every method of rehab, I highly recommend Healthy Beings to get yourself back into the best state of being!

  • Healthy beings clinic is an amazing one stop offering all the services that meet my healthy life style needs. The staff have all the needed experience and are professional and attentive. Loving my experience here so far.

  • I went to Healthy Beings after a friend told me about them. Sought treatment for shoulder pain. Tore rotator cuff 7 years ago. Been in pain since. Recent MRI had shown arthritis onset. 1 treatment with the Piezio Wave brought relief. Not overselling it, I still feel like it’s a miracle. The constant, never going away, can’t get comfortable pain is gone. Went back 3 times – 1 week intervals and now 3 weeks off. Pain free. There still is some stiffness that I need to work on, but that constant pain is gone. No drugs/no surgery/no hours of PT. Highly recommend checking them out.

  • Healthy beings is a great place to go for overall health advice, for me it was about dieting and weight loss. I worked with Lauren to out a plan together along with a a few products they sell and lost 35 pounds and completely changed my body. Vitamin drips are great too!

  • After suffering permanent nerve damage and chronic pain with inflammation and loss of mobility in my lower back, I have had the honor of receiving treatments from the knowledgeable and professional staff at Healthy Beings. Instantly I experienced a dramatic reduction in pain and an increase of mobility and range of motion. I continue with weekly treatments with Piezo waves to maintain a higher quality of life. The red light table is a fantastic rejuvenation of my damaged nerves, tissue and just general muscle soreness and stiffness. So many more state of the art technology equipment and knowledge in treatments that have transformed my physical abilities and overall well being. Thank you all individually and as a team for your compassion and dedication to giving me a quality of life I thought I would never have again.
    Highly recommended 💝💝

  • Trent and his team offer services and equipment not found elsewhere. After suffering for more than 3 years from “tennis elbow” and countless weeks of traditional physical therapy, ten minutes with their piezo delivered dramatic and instant relief. Six more treatments have elimInated all symptoms. Their MedEx “nautilus” machines have increased my range of neck motion and strengthened and stabilized my lower back.
    Working with their health coach, I have dropped more than 20 pounds and making great progress toward my ultimate goal.

    They work together as an integrated team and put client needs over everything else. Health and wellness is their mission and their passion.

    Highly recommended.

  • My sister and I had our first visit to Healthy Beings in March 2022 for IV drips, Theta Chamber, and Red Light Therapy services and had the best experience! The medical office is in Bellevue and in a great location and easy to get to. There’s a multitude of services with high-end equipment and have met some of the physicians, nurses, and coaches — who’re all very knowledgeable, kind, and professional. My sister and I have only heard about medical offices like Healthy Beings located in LA and Arizona, so to be able to have this so close to home is so exciting!

    I found out about Healthy Beings from my friend Lauren, who’s the co-founder, lead health coach, and lead of sales and retail. She and I have a strong background in health and fitness and both have years of experience in the industry — so Lauren has always been someone I trust for all things wellness-related. She told me she was starting this business a couple of years ago, and to now see it all come together, I’m beyond ecstatic for her, the team, and all that’s to come for the company.

    I love their mission and how they focus on quality health improvement and disease/injury prevention outside the typical healthcare system. The work they are doing is game-changing through their cutting-edge technologies, preventive and restorative health services, superior products, and compelling education.

    We felt so amazing after our first IV drip and have been back several times since – a big thanks and shoutout to Ravneet, our nurse, who does our IV drips! She always makes our visits so enjoyable and is very well educated. She gives great advice for our well-being and is such a joy to be around!

    I even brought my fiancé for an IV drip and he loved it! He and I have been looking to optimize our health for our wedding in 2023 and this is such a great way to help prep for our big day! We have made it part of our routine to visit every 1-2 weeks for the IV therapy and RF detox, and can’t wait to try more services.

    Healthy Beings is the new medical health solution and will help so many people heal and feel and look their best. I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve told my family and friends all about it and continue to share about it on social media to spread the word about this groundbreaking company! Be sure to check out their website to see all that they offer and book your appointment today! You won’t be disappointed.

  • What an amazing place! I was fortunate to connect recently with Lauren and the amazing team at Health Beings. I love finding new, alternative therapies that provide real results and help improve my overall health and wellness. They have cutting edge therapies at Health Beings that I have never seen before! Specifically, the Theta Chamber. I was able to experience this technology and was amazed at the results. I’ve never experience such relaxation and finally felt like I was able to achieve a true meditative state. I’m still using the balancing octave’s I received from this therapy to this day to help balance my mind when needed. Thank you Healthy Beings!

  • Really enjoyed my visit with you. Thanks for everything!

  • I have been working with many of the staff members of Healthy Beings for almost five years. To say that their knowledge, coaching, support, and encouragement has literally changed my life would be an understatement.

    To this point in my fitness journey, I have focused most of my efforts toward improving myself physically by losing weight, gaining strength, and improving my cardiovascular health. That’s not to say I haven’t also improved my spiritual, emotional, and mental fitness along the way. However, up until recently, I have consciously and unconsciously made those aspects of my overall fitness secondary to improving myself physically.

    The realization that I need to finally address the other aspects of my being in order to maintain an overall healthy balance is one of the many reasons I secured a membership with Healthy Beings. Among many of the other treatments which I have enjoyed, I have recently been using the theta chamber and have experienced immediate results.

    For example, I have noticed a discernable change in my daily outlook on life. While I still experience the anxiousness with work, daily events, etc. that many of us do, I’ve noticed a much more balanced, practical, thoughtful approach to life situations since using this treatment. As the theta chamber is one of the few “new” things I’ve added to my life, I honestly believe this technology is at least partially responsible for this welcome change.

    Additionally, over the past 30 years, I have suffered with a facial spasm on the right side of my face and have received Botox injections as the injections have helped control the involuntary muscle movements. However, since I have been undergoing treatment in the theta chamber, I have noticed an absolutely remarkable decrease in these spasms to the point that I am likely to cancel my next Botox injection appointment.

    I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with Healthy Beings and am very excited to experience the improvements in all aspects of my overall health!!!

  • VERY clean center, VERY nice and caring staff. Don’t let the bad reviews trick you, the people who work here are very knowledgeable, passionate and caring. They truly WANT to help you and will not mislead you only for business/your money, they will put you FIRST

  • I had the absolute best experience and feel 5 million times better after going! Highly recommend ❤️ The staff is so caring and knowledgeable and the equipment is so nice & fancy & clean & effective!!!

  • Fantastic place! This place isn’t just a business, but a community. Super kind, caring and thoughtful staff. Took all my needs, and history into consideration and I will definitely be recommending Healthy Beings to all my friends

  • Fascinating technology and kind staff. Highly recommend for PT after injury or certain mental health disorders.

  • Had a most wonderful experience in working with Lauren from Healthy Beings! She had so many worthwhile tips and suggestions, and I made more progress than I had imagined. I was so pleased in that Lauren saw me as an individual and had specific advice meant just for me, and thus I responded well to her coaching. I anticipate I will continue to embrace the meal plans, eating structure, and progress I have achieved thus far well into the future. Many kudos Lauren for being an amazing health coach!!!

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