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  • Dr. Ridgeway is literally the best doctor! He is very outgoing and nice. From my very first consultation I knew he was the perfect fit for my rhinoplasty. He explained everything in detail about the procedure and was very straight up, never sugar coated anything. I wanted to get my nose done, but I didn’t want it to look completely different. He understood my needs and the results were exactly what I wanted. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made! My nose looks so awesome and natural. I always recommend him to everyone. His team are also very kind and nice, the whole office vibe was just very welcoming and made me feel comfortable.

  • I was nervous about getting facial cosmetic surgery, and after waiting 6 years, I am beyond thrilled with my results. Dr. Ridgway and his staff genuinely care and made sure I understood everything I should expect. My confidence has been renewed and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face!

  • I had a procedure in Oct. 2022, for privacy l won’t mention it. My personal experience with Dr. Ridgway and his personal has been the greatest. The staff is very kind and professional. Dr. Ridgway’s surgery team makes you feel very especial and they take care of you very well before the procedure. The OR and the office in general looks sophisticated and clean.

    Dr. Ridgway’s personality is very interesting. What l like the most is his sincerity and the way he explain things is quite fun. He’s straightforward and a perfectionist. For me, these personal traits are important to be an excellent surgeon. After 3 months since my surgery, l can see the cosmetic results. In particular, the functionality which allows me to breathe very, very well.

    If l would need another reconstructive plastic surgery, l wouldn’t hesitate to contact Dr. Ridgway. He’s a very competent surgeon, he has a sense of humor, and willing to assist you when you need it. In few words, he’s awesome !

    Finally, l highly recommend Dr. Ridgway to anyone who is looking for an excellent plastic surgeon.

  • Dr. James Ridgeway is the “doctor’s doctor”
    As a physician,
    most of all, I appreciated his skill and attention, placed on medical safety and his extraordinary technique with attention to the most minute detail . He treats the overall person as well as availing you of his magnificent artistry. I was so happy to have surgery in his pristine up-to-date operating room. The anesthesiologist that Dr. Ridgeway uses are from the Overlake hospital and are highly skilled . Dr Ridgeway is trained and boarded in ENT and cosmetic surgery, a unique combination of extraordinary training experience and knowledge. He serves on boards that evaluate medical publications, and is therefore up-to-date on all the latest technologies and techniques.
    He is kind, attentive, and
    absolutely brilliant. My beautiful results lift my spirits daily.

  • It has been 3 months since my septorhinoplasty surgery and I am so happy about my results. When I first met with Dr. Ridgeway I instantly felt that he was the right surgeon for me. He is a great listener and answers all your questions with great detail. His staff are amazing people and are so helpful as well. On surgery day my family and I were extremely nervous but an anesthesiologist and super sweet nurses made us feel a lot better after taking great care of me. When I woke up from surgery I was very alert and had no bruising around my eyes. It took about a week to resolve any swelling off my cheeks, during that week I had minimal pain and was able to recover quickly. At this moment my nose swelling is only visible at the tip which will eventually go away throughout this year, it only gets cuter day by day. Any scarring I had went away quickly, to speed up the process I had used Vaseline and sunscreen to protect my skin. My nose was my biggest insecurity, after removing the bump it brought me so much of my confidence and I am finally comfortable with my side profile. Dr. Ridgeway made sure my nose fit my face proportionally and made everything look super natural. He is truly talented and is the best out there!

  • Dr. Ridgway is a highly skilled surgeon who goes above and beyond to address the concerns of his patients. When a first procedure didn’t meet my desired results, he listened to my concerns without judgement, was so professional and empathetic, and worked with me to figure out the best path forward. I’m thrilled with my final results, and appreciate all he and his team did to make me feel comfortable and supported.
    It should also be noted that Dr. Ridgway’s team is truly exceptional. Everyone is so friendly, warm, and knowledgable, which goes lengths to put you at ease.
    All in all, an exceptional experience with my highest recommendation.

  • I just hit my 7 month post op after getting a septorhinoplasty done by Dr.Ridgway and couldn’t be happier with my results! Dr.Ridgway and all of his team are so caring are true professionals. From the moment I met Dr.Ridgway at consultation I knew he was the surgeon I wanted. He took his time to listen to what I wanted and showed me that day the results I could get. He truly is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything thoroughly. The day of the surgery I was a little nervous but everyone was very sweet and caring it was so calming. After surgery to my suprise I had absolutely NO bruising just some swelling and little to no pain. If you are wanting to get a rhinoplasty done I say look no further. You are in the best hands with Dr.Ridgway and his team!

  • Dr. Ridgeway is remarkable, he does my Botox but it’s his bedside manner and down to earth personality. I always enjoy his staff and the coffee is the best ever. ❤️

  • I first started working with Dr. Ridgway about a year ago after being horrified at how I looked in Zoom calls! I interviewed several doctors to see what my options were and what they recommended. I chose Dr. Ridgway because he spent the most time listening to my concerns and discussing what could be done, the details of what I would experience and the recovery time. I also chose him because he is a specialist in facial plastic surgery and he only does work on faces and his experience in this area was the best. The staff in his office is also excellent and everybody is very helpful and caring and his facilities are top notch.

    I did a two phase approach with a lower jaw defining procedure and forehead lift first, and then a mid face and eyelid surgery after 6 months. Both surgeries went really well and my recovery has gone just as he said it would. There was barely any pain and I never needed any pain killers. I had some bruising on the first surgery that lasted a few weeks, but no pain. The second hardly any bruising at all, but some soreness. The scars from the first one are nearly invisible now, and the ones from the second are healing just as well and I am right on schedule for how he said it would go.

    I am very happy with the results! I look so much younger now. Since I had this done I have had many complements from friends and family on how well I look although they do not really notice that I had surgery as it came out very natural and I look like myself(only several years ago!). I get asked what products I use on my face all the time, but no products could give me these results! I am 100% satisfied and recommend Dr. Ridgway to anyone considering these sort of procedures.

  • Constructive upper lip surgery, result of an injury in childhood.
    5 stars because:
    James Ridgway patiently worked through all the doubts I had
    I got an office tour to see the environment and got a detailed action plan to see I can trust it for 100%
    There are no other places in the area who provides this type of surgery, it’s an art, truly.
    I’m planning to return in the future in case I need anything.

  • I would give Dr. Ridgway 10 stars if I could. He performed a fairly extensive procedure on me just 2 months ago – eyelid surgery, brow lift, jaw defining procedure and co2 laser resurfacing. I am 52, healthy and take great care of myself, and I wasn’t ready for the premature aging I was seeing on my face. I also didn’t want to look different – just better/younger! During the initial consultation, Dr. Ridgway walked through his recommendations and answered my extensive questions. I then worked with his truly stellar team to schedule the surgery, after which I was able to then meet with Dr. Ridgway two more times at my request – just to answer other questions which came up for me, and he alleviated all of my concerns. Surgery day was incredibly smooth, and I am amazed to say that my recovery was all positive. I knew what to expect and was prepared, and I had minimal discomfort and no pain(!). And my husband tells me I look 20 years younger! I couldn’t be more pleased. Dr. Ridgway is deeply committed to the best outcomes for his clients. He demonstrates such care and sensitivity all throughout. Truly incredible. I can’t recommend him highly enough. I had evaluated many other surgeons prior to choosing Dr. Ridgway for this procedure, and I chose him based on his extensive experience, double-board certification, before & after photos of past clients who had similar procedures done, reconstructive work (further indicative to me of the depth of his knowledge & skill), and his and his entire team’s incredible professionalism, competence and caring. If you are considering plastic surgery, you couldn’t be in better hands than with Dr. Ridgway!

  • I had been considering rhinoplasty for over 10 years. I didn’t hate my nose, but I did believe it could be altered to be more flattering on my face. I first met Dr. Ridgway back in 2014 or 2015. After having consultations with two other plastic surgeons my next consult was with Dr. Ridgway. He immediately stood out from the other two and I just had a “gut feeling” that this was the Dr. I should go with. At the time, I decided to hold off on the surgery until a later date.

    Fast forward to 2020. I was now in a place where I was 100% ready. I remembered Dr. Ridgway and his office was the only one I called to make an appointment with. I was able to get in that week due to a cancellation. His office was very nice and his staff was pleasant as well. We had a good conversation and one thing that stood out to me was when he said “you want your nose to not be the main focal point”. I 100% agreed. I didn’t want a drastic change, but a change none the less. He GOT it. After my appointment I felt that Dr. Ridgway and his staff truly cared about me. Facial plastic surgery is a huge decision. You do not want to cut corners. You want someone who is highly skilled, trained and someone you can trust. For me, that was Dr. Ridgway.

    After scheduling the surgery and having my pre-op everyone was very clear and provided everything I needed to expect after the surgery. I felt very prepared and there were no surprises. READ what they give you. Have realistic expectations. It’s very simple. If I did have any after hours concerns Dr. Ridgway gave out his personal phone number.

    I am now almost 1 year post op and I couldn’t be more happy! Dr. Ridgway is an artist when it comes to the face. His perspective and professionalism was worth every penny I paid and more. At the 1 week point, after I had the splint and stitches removed, I cried. Tears of joy. My nose actually looked like how I wanted it to (and this is before the swelling started to go down). If you are looking for a facial plastic surgeon, or are on the fence, don’t wait another day and call this office. This has been one of the best decisions of my life and I can’t thank Dr. Ridgway enough.

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