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  • Dr. Kaur is an amazing and caring doctor who always pays attention and listens to me without any rushing. I am truly blessed and so grateful to receive such a wonderful care. Her staff is very efficient and very helpful. I would recommend this doctor to anyone who wants to receive the best possible health care by a compassionate and professional physician

  • I’m so pleased with the outcome.

  • Very friendly responsive so kind people

  • Very rushed and quick to be asked if my questioned were answered when I didn’t know what to expect.
    Went in the leg pain from veins and now worse and numb feeling. Visually an improvement but the prep of what to expect was weak and I felt judged for being overweight and a desk CEO position.
    Main procedure minimal welcoming from the doctor and second appt he did not even bother to greet me before putting needles in my leg.
    Cancelled all follow up appointments and don’t care of the results from this clinic – will go elsewhere for services.
    And why do they only have skinny people reviews???

  • Great place for USCIS exam, would recommend.

  • The staff were very professional, kind and caring and trying their best to cater for the need of the patient. Doctor was also very helpful and nice. I recommend this place with no hesitation

  • Great care for my blood clot. And great people.p

  • Thank you so much, I was really satisfied with the laser hair removal service!
    You did a great job, highly recommended!

  • I highly recommend this place! Called and was able to get a consultation within the same week. Then after a quick interview of questions, I was able to get treated the same day, with absolutely amazing results! Wish I would have gone to this place years ago. Again, highly, highly recommend coming here!

  • I’ve seen Alaina for both CoolSculpting and laser hair removal. She is professional and personable at every visit. Not only that, both Bellevue and Issaquah offices are clean and I’ve always been seen on time, which I find to be extremely important when choosing a place to go for treatment. I would highly recommend VIVAA to friends and family.

  • I had the best experience at the Bellevue VIVAA. From the first phone call with Alana,RN I knew this was the right place for me. She explained the process over the phone and got me in extremely quickly. When I came to my visit she and the whole staff were so warm and so friendly. They spent more time with me than I had planned and spoke to me about skin care which was absolutely amazing and very informative. I saw the doctor for my veins on my face and he did an amazing job I felt no pain the whole staff was outstanding. After that portion we discussed my skincare care routine and I left with amazing products and feeling confident. I would highly recommend this practice for skin care, aesthetics, and any vascular issues you may have.

  • Love this clinic.

    You know, sometimes you are in a dilemma when rating a clinic – maybe the doctor is awesome, but the receptionist is rude, or the staff are not nice – you want to give them a one star and a five star at the same time.

    But not this one. EVERYTHING is great with my visit. Professional Dr Sidhu, nice receptionist, fantastic staff (Josey, Jennifer, Nicole helped me during my visit, and they made my day). Spacious rooms and the medical devices are also impressive.

    Now VIVAA is my go-to clinic for vascular concerns.

  • We went to Doctor Siddhu for the Viscular surgery and had a great experience..

  • This facility is authorized to get medical examinations (I-693) for immigration purposes, but they are very incompetent, negligent and careless. In last 2 years, they made multiple errors (sending report without Doctor’s signature, mixing pages from other persons, and not filling required information.) We got multiple RFEs from USCIS which had hurt us very badly in processing our case.
    They also charge 10 times more. Do yourself a favor and go to Dr. Jia, just one block away. They are prompt, reliable and cost only $40.
    I highly recommend VIVAA if you want to snap your foot and hurt your immigration cause.

  • I went to see Dr. Sidhu for sclerotherapy for my temple and forehead veins. They’re quite prominent and made me really self conscious. I came all the way from Toronto to Seattle to seek his expertise because nobody in Canada does sclerotherapy on the face. Coming in, I was feeling really anxious but he was so personable, very knowledgeable and professional. Listened to all my concerns and answered all of my questions. He explained the procedure and what to expect very clearly. He made sure I am ok before, during and after the treatment. I highly recommend him! It was great meeting Dr. Sidhu and Nicole. Hoping to see him again for my 2nd treatment! Thank you so much Dr. Sidhu and Nicole 🙂

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