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  • The doctor is so nice and does an amazing job! I have loved all my results!

  • Stay away from their online scheduling it’s very glitchy and the front desk doesn’t want to accept it is! I spent a good junk of time entering information then less than 48 hours before my appointment got told I have to reenter as they can’t see the right name! I was not able to do that right away as I actually have a life and a ton of things to do besides worrying about their system issues then got told to hurry since if I miss led the 24 hour mark I would get charged cancellation fee! So Basically I was told to do my appointments online first, the system was all glitchy and messed up my info, then I got told 48 hours before my appointment I had to fix the forms online when I had no time to do so then got told I would get charged a fee if didn’t hurry up! Really?!!! This was also all sent to me via text. They had my name and could ask any other info through text and made the changes but they didn’t! I told them to cancel my appointment as I was frustrated about this whole back and forth and lack of cooperation from them. With no hesitation she got back to me and confirmed she canceled my appointment! I guess the doctor doesn’t need much business and is set with a good number of clients already! Would not recommend these guys!

  • Dr. Bowers is just the best! He really cares about his patients, takes his time to explain each procedures and suggest treatments that still looks natural. Cricket, his office manager is also very sweet. I highly recommend Be Well!

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