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  • Katy does amazing treatments. Professional and top-notch customer service. She’s the reason I keep coming back to ideal image in Millcreek.

  • Terrible place for coolsculpting. I paid $4000 for 6 treatments and it made my stomach look worse! Zero refunds or apology given. They said lifetime guarantee but you still have to pay for additional treatments if it doesn’t work which is 100% scam. Front desk was unprofessional and rude. I’m a fair person and believed them when they said it will work but LIES all around. Save your money and go somewhere else!!

  • I finished my 9 treatments for the Brazilian and I have very dark brown hair, guess what, it grew back. The hairs of lighter brown but definitely not blond and the technician tried to say that’s the reason the hairs grew back. It most definitely isn’t, the last 3 sessions I had were with technicians who weren’t being thorough when going over each area. I was supposed to have like an hour of time for my Brazilian/Perianal/Outer Thigh and they were getting it all done in 30 minutes or less. What’s even funnier is there were two techs who told me if I had regrowth after one area ended, they’d go over whatever few hairs came back (probably because they knew they weren’t doing a good job) and then I got a call saying that tech was no longer working there. Don’t trust any tech that says they’ll retouch after a contract ends. Make them go over an area again at that same appointment if you feel they finished too quickly. That’s what I should have done.

    So now I have a bunch of regrowth but my brazilian contract ended and they shrug and say that I’d have to pay again. Also the scheduling is horrible, you basically have to plan your life around whenever they have appointments available so you can get all 9 of your treatments that you paid for.

    My whole package came out to almost $5,000 and it wasn’t worth it folks. 😒
    Don’t do it, this place basically charges $500+ a session with these prepaid packages, the $250 lifetime doesn’t do anything. It just brings the price down slightly ($150+ per session instead of whatever it normally is) for extra visits which you will need because the technicians don’t do thorough work.

  • Got my lips done and a huge lump was left inside my lip. I asked to dissolve it and the girl had me come back in and massaged the filler super hard (and painfully) and there were no results. I called and they said that corporate would reach out for a refund and they never did. I had to pay $300 to go somewhere else to dissolve

  • Jen, the nurse, is super nice and cool!

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