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  • I didn’t know how effective a massage could be until my first session with Scott. Scott focuses on finding and working on the areas that are giving me trouble and sends me home with things to work on for continuing improvement.

  • Had my first massage session with Scott and he is really great! He is super knowledgeable and insightful about sports related injuries/recovery/training and the body as a whole. I really like his technique, professionalism and friendliness. Looking forward to continuing working with him!

  • My expectations are high and Scott has exceeded them. My experience on the table is top notch but it’s the results off the table that keep me coming back.

  • Scott is an amazing massage therapist that is able to actually fix issues, rather than just rub lavender oil on them. Scott is a pretty strong dude, which gives him the advantage of being able to hold firm pressure over an area of tension (most massage therapists I’ve been to are just not physically capable of this). He has helped me immensely with some chronic injuries/pain. I would highly recommend him for all your sports therapy and muscle pain needs! It’s super easy to schedule appointments with him, and he is quick to respond.

  • Scott knows what he’s doing! He gives a great sports massage that’s actually therapeutic, not just relaxing. He is also super friendly and nice!

  • I had a nightmare morning that would have resulted in me missing my appointment, but Scott was SO accomodating! He was able to bump me, and I’m unbelievably thankful because I feel outstanding now. His are definitely treatment massages and not just someone rubbing oil into your skin. I highly recommend him!

  • I started going to Scott several years ago for help with severe pain I was experiencing in both arms due to spending hours working on a computer. Scott was able to identify the problem in the first session and resolved it during the subsequent sessions. He also showed me useful stretches to stop it from coming back. Ever since then, I have been going to Scott for massages to help with maintenance or resolve any issue that may pop up. If you want a massage with soothing docile tones and pan flute music, this is not the guy. If you want someone who careful assesses your situation and works to resolve the issue, Scott is it. I can’t recommend him enough.

  • First massage session with Scott was great! Very technical and focused approach to body alignment and injury treatment. Exactly what I was looking for.

  • I came to Scott with neck and shoulder tightness that was giving me head aches and he was able to release the knots that was giving me problems. Scott has a ton of knowledge with health and wellness and is a Great guy to work with. I Highly recommend him:)

  • Scott is very knowledgeable in what he does! Feeling and moving 10 X better after a treatment massage. He addressed multiple issues in one treatment, set up a future plan moving forward and gave me a ton of helpful info during the massage. Don’t hesitate!

  • Very professional and results driven. I had some weight lifting injuries and tension and Scott went right to the source and cleared up some very severe pain and mobility issues. Definitely come here for solutions.

  • Get on board with Scott if you want to make some positive changes in your life! His holistic approach to health and wellness is more than just another personal trainer, and he tailors your program to your specific goals and needs based on the package you choose.
    I was 10 months of not lifting due to the gyms being shutdown, went through an emergency surgery, and was suffering from severe back pain when I reached out to Scott. Although I did not go with a top tier package, he is always available for questions or help with near instance response times. He organized a routine for me to help get back to normal and increased my weights slowly to push me to improve my strength.
    With the help of some physical therapy and Scott’s wellness program, I am now pain free, back to full strength, have hit all time personal weightlifting records, and have seen improvements in every aspect of my life since I have been back in the gym.

  • Scott is awesome! New to the area and very glad I stumbled upon his practice. Very knowledgeable, kind, respectful and easy to talk to. Clean facility with proper covid protocols made me feel safe receiving bodywork in his space. His booking website was easy to use to schedule and pay online. Scott asked for a very detailed intake form and health history and utilized many different techniques for different things. He took the time to make sure I was comfortable and communicated throughout the massage about the process. I appreciated his continuing ed going above and beyond the minimum to continue learning to truly offer a holistic approach to helping people. It is clear he goes the extra mile to serve others. I would recommend to anyone!

  • I finally signed up to work with Scott after a year of looking at his site, following him on Instagram and Facebook. I have only been training with him for a month and I love it. He is very professional and safety conscious–a big plus during these COVID time–and always positive. He fosters a very positive space that helps drive you to be more without making you feel bad for missing a lift or having a life outside the gym. I am excited to see where his program takes me and the gains that I can make both physically and mentally.

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