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  • It was my first time ever in a salon and Alyssa did amazing! I got my hair dyed black and throughout the whole service, Alyssa made me feel so comfortable and didn’t do anything without making sure I was happy with results. She is so fun to talk to! Not to mention, i got the option of which method to use for drying, so I asked for her to do the most natural method. It brought my natural waves out better than i’ve ever seen them 🥹

  • Went for a walk in. Stylist didn’t talk to me much. After I told her exactly haircut style I wanted she kept asking questions that I already answered. After my appointment I met up with my sister and she said my cut was uneven and then all my coworkers were commenting how my cut was uneven. Over all terrible experience. 2 stars cause they took me as a walk in but that’s probably because there was no one else there at the time. And stylist said I should have had a photo like it was my fault she couldn’t cut hair to right length. Note my hair is straight and short so it was nothing fancy of a haircut. Paid 70$ for uneven haircut and bad experience.

  • This place was super disappointing. I booked root touch up online with Yasmeen. I was told i would be charged 60% more than the online price (I booked with the same stylist online). Reason being long and dense hair.This was only for regular root touch up < 1inch growth which I get it done once a month. $169 for root touch up was insane. I had done root touch up at the same place 1 month go for the price quoted online+tips. I have never paid this much for just root touch ups even in other good aveda salons in Redmond and Kirkland The worst part was I expressed my concern and disappointment. They wanted written consent about not writing a bad review online. At this point, I decided to not get the service there. I'll be never be going to this salon again.

  • Great color and cut, super nice people!

  • Came with a group of 3 last week. The most disappointing part of my experience here was being grossly overcharged (40% more than what they said on the phone + list price) – $70 for dry styling that was essentially 15 min with a flat iron, $70 for a blowout that didn’t last. My stylist was very sweet, but definitely needs practice & tools for slightly textured hair.

    And $85 pp for “special occasion make-up”. My stylist used 2 Target products that she grabbed from her car, some mascara & lashes that fell off in 3 hours – at a salon that supposedly uses higher end products. It was so obvious they don’t have have makeup for darker/medium skin.

    Friendly stylists. But the gal at the register clearly wanted to charge the “wedding tax” on services. I paid & left a healthy tip because I didn’t want to make a fuss on an important day – won’t be returning here. The ethics of staff left a bad taste.

  • I booked a hydrofacial with Desiree. Before we started, Desiree did a brief introduction on what hydrofacial does, examined my skin and gave me some useful tips on what products to use for my skin type. The facial was so relaxing, Desiree did a great job, my skin was smoother and cleaner afterwards. Will be coming back exery month for this facial!

  • Desiree sugared my legs. It was a great experience! Professional and welcoming. Sugaring will be replacing waxing altogether. Thanks Desirer

  • Everyone here is super friendly and nice. They make you feel very welcomed. I had a great experience. I will definitely recommend to my friends.

  • I could not be more happy with how my hair turned out! Yasmeen is so wonderful. I have been to many different stylist and I have never felt as “heard” as with Yasmeen. She did exactly what I asked for. She is so easy to work with and very kind and sweet to chat with too. You can tell she loves what she does and has a strong desire to give her clients exactly what they want. She is very knowledgeable about hair and coloring techniques. If you need a fresh look I highly recommend going to Origin Salon and Spa you will not leave disappointed!

  • I love Origins Salon and Spa – who specializes in all AVEDA products!!! There is also nothing better then supporting a local business that is owned and run by women within our community! Origins has been my go to in Redmond for about 6+ years, and a shout-out to Selwa, who always makes me feel like a million when I leave the salon! Please support this wonderful gem!

  • Over priced, fine hair cut, rude front desk staff. Not helpful.

  • Even you **paid** the service in advance (giftcard, Group-on etc), you must provide credit card number, ex-dates, security code to **reserve a spot** again. They are collecting unnecessary personal credit card information over the phone. I provided my credit card number and ex-date, no security code — I said that i can show the security code when I get there, but they not allow me to book the service at all.

  • Finding a great stylist/colorist is like finding a great therapist. You go through so many and then like magic Melinda appears! She is OUTSTANDING. Professional, considerate, kind, and a total blast to hang around..plus her color skills are otherworldly. I found Mel and Origin a few years back for a color correction. And a blow out styling. They were the easiest place to book online. Since then I have been rose gold, purple, hot pink, and a mixture of all. She always delivers and guides me to make bold choices that feel like the most awesome version of me. Honestly we have fun together. This past blonde hair color adventure she totally outdid herself. Love this place! Clean, trendy, and they don’t try to upsell which is so refreshing. This isn’t your neighborhood supercuts so make sure you’re ready to make an investment in your hair before booking. It’ll be worth it!

  • I called origin salon to book root touch up service and they forced me to provide the credit card information. One asking how they will protect my information, owner denied me service . I have always been giving credit card and expiration date but have never been pushed to give CVV details .

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