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Medical Director

Biwei Dong (ARNP, DNP)

8 miles


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Candela GentleMax Pro

Merz Xeomin

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9 Reviews on “Beyond Laser & Skincare - Sammamish - Med Spa”

Overall rating
  • AMAZING. she takes care of me so well. definitely 100% recommend.

  • Biwei is fantastic! I was nervous getting laser hair removal for the first time, but after reading such stellar reviews, I decided to give it a try. Biwei made me feel very comfortable, was fast, and I have had amazing results, even after just 1 session!

  • I was referred to this clinic for facial hair removal to prevent acne. I’ve done it twice so far. As far as my experiences with laser hair removal of ~20 times in Japan and USA, this place has been the best.

    First, the machine for laser hair removal that this clinic uses is state-of-the-art. All other clinics that I’ve been to use IPL or something that feels similar to IPL (although they claimed that it’s not). It was painful and less effective. The machine used here is great. It was not painful and effect of the treatment is wonderful.

    Secondly, the owner is an honest person doing an honest business. There is no manipulative BS that I’ve encountered at many other clinics (such as Bellevue Laser & Cosmetic Center). For example, many other clinics ask you to pay a hefty fee for the initial consultation and then apply that fee toward treatment if you continue. Some other clinics insisted on doing ramp-up sessions with low laser intensity settings to waste your money for the first couple of times. There is none of these BS here. The onwer here simply did well by being honest.

    The third, the owner made it very flexible with the schedule, which made it very convenient for me.

    Finally, the price is compelling. There is also a package discount.

  • Wonderful experiences every time! She is so attentive and quick with the laser!

  • Two sessions in and I’ve had a great experience! Much less painful than I expected and already have less hair growth. Biwei is kind and knowledgeable. The Sammamish location is in her home but set up just like a clinic. Very clean and professional.

  • I got Xeomin injections to my forehead, frown lines and around eyes. Very happy with the results. Biwei is very professional and easy to communicate with. She has great injection technique. I didn’t bruise at all this time! (I bleed and bruise easily and always had bruises when I got Botox at other clinics in the past.)Definitely will return. Highly recommend!

  • I’m an Asian male with very coarse facial hair, received laser hair reduction treatment to improve ingrown hair and make shaving easier. The results have been excellent, I have visited several other clinics before and this one gave the best results by far!

  • Laser pigment removal; this is my 3rd session with BeiWei.
    She is professional, thorough, and works quickly. I recommend her without hesitation!

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