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  • Debra, I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me yesterday. I am so grateful for your expertise, kindness, and artistry. You are amazing!!! Thanks again!

  • Deb is meticulous with her work. I trust her completely. Both my partner and I have had multiple different services done here and we have always been impressed- shes knowledgeable and makes sure my skin is flawless. 🙌🙌

  • I love comming to see Debra she is the only one I can trust ! Thank you so much for Excellent job . So happy every time to see her , so relax she have soft hand no pain no stress !!! Couple years ago dermatologist paralyze my eyebrows for 6 months I had nightmares was hard to trust . After I start comming to see Debra everything going perfect always happy with results . Always love look at my face and skin since I start comming in Simplicity Med Spa !

  • UPDATED REVIEW – FUTURE PATIENT’S DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE AS DEB TRI HAS SO MANY BAD REVIEWS IT’S SHOCKING! SEE UPDATED PICTURES (2/2/19) & RESPONSE TO DEB’S CRUEL RESPONSE – After looking at the other reviews which I did NOT do before coming here my experience was the same as other’s that gave this place a bad rating. The owner will not take accountability when she makes a mistake. She is argumentative and rude. She seems to only care about money and not the health of patients. I received no consultation, bill or documentation at the time of service as to what was injected into my face. I tried to reach the owner via her “contact” info on her website after calling her and not getting a response. I tried for 4 days to reach her as my face SWELLED, WAS ASYMMETRICAL, AND GOT REDDER. When confronted with the problems the owner of this spa refused to issue a refund, and after promising to help resolve the issues only sent me a copy of my invoice (which should have been provided at the time of service). I’ve never been treated with such a lack of care by a medical professional. I cannot recommend DEB TRI to anyone as I believe she’s dangerous. It is now Feb. 2, and you can see new photos with continuing complications caused from Deb Tri’s injections.

    DEB TRI’S RESPONSE TO MY REVIEW WITH A SHORT COMMENT FROM ME – You can find multiple BAD reviews about Deb Tri and Simplicity Medspa on Google, Yelp, Birdseye, Dirty Scam, etc. Deb’s response to all bad reviews is she either denies any damage, and blames the patient, or she denies knowing the patient (odd as there are a large number of reviews from “unknowns”). Below find a copy of part of her email she sent me in response to my VALID AND HONEST COMPLAINTS. Future customers can judge for themselves if her response is “reasonable.” Honestly I’ve never had a problem with a medical provider, and to threaten to with hold my money unless I REMOVE MY REVIEWS SHOWS DEB TRI’S LACK OF ETHICS, IMO. This email is basically a form of “blackmail” in my opinion.

    “I have to tell you that I really just want to be done with this nightmare as well. I am willing to compromise and send you a refund for my professional services. But not without you signing a written release that you will agree to remove your reviews posted on various social media sites, and agree to refrain from ever posting any defaming remarks on such internet social media sites about me, or Simplicity Medspa in the future.”…
    “Please let me know if you would like to resolve this as I mentioned above and I will take the necessary steps to have the release sent to you to have you sign it and also have a witness sign it. No refund payment will be made until you remove your reviews.
    Once we have a signed release agreement, and you have removed reviews from all the various sites, then I will send you a check for $2500.00 dollars and we both can be done with this very unfortunate and horrific experience. I hope that I hear a response from you by 5 pm tomorrow, Wednesday, January 30, 2019.”
    Deb then responded with a long winded, cruel and inaccurate diatribe filled with lies about me. I won’t go into a long response, and AGAIN STATE THIS WOMAN IS DANGEROUS – just look at the number of bad reviews on the internet..
    MY RESPONSE TO DEBRA TRI – Guidelines for a Business owner with a bad review. Respond quickly, offer to make it right, be authentic (Success – as Deb’s response shows her cruel and immature demeanor, in my opinion), be polite, be sympathetic, think of future customers and contact the customer offline. Deb failed in all of the above as you can see by her nasty response below. Deb does not care at all about patient welfare, and only cares about how much money she can keep. I’ve had medical complications, and she did offer to see me, but I refused as she had already injured my face. If you VALUE YOUR FACE DO NOT GO TO THIS MEDI SPA, BUT GO TO A QUALIFIED MD. FUTURE CUSTOMERS – $5000 for INSULTS, AND BAD INJECTIONS OF FACIAL FILLER AND A DANGEROUS AND UNACCOUNTABLE ARNP – FAIL – BUYER BEWARE

  • This spa is absolutely amazing! She is a miracle worker. Wanted instant results for my daughter’s October wedding and Debra recommended PDO threads to lift my marionette line’s, it instantly took years off of my age and now I am spending less time trying to hide my imperfections. I am so excited to do more with her. I never thought I would tell people to what I had done but I just don’t care what people think, if it makes me happy then I’m going to do it with Simplicity med spa.
    Thank you once again

    10/2020 just went to Debra again for some filler around my lower lip and once again I’m so thrilled with the results. Thank you Debra! I’ll be back.

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