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  • Similar to another review, I am also disappointed in the standard operating procedures allowed at this place. This was my first time treating myself to a nice facial and originally thought my experience might have been an anomaly but after reading other new reviews posted, I see that others have had similar experiences as me. I wasn’t going to write a review, at least not before I see the full results of my facial, but I don’t think good results from my facial makes my experience excusable.

    If you are reading this, you are likely looking around for a nice place to treat yourself for some needed self care. I wish you the best of luck. I personally wouldn’t recommend this place, but here are things I wish I knew for getting a service at this place.
    1. Speak up if you’re waiting a while for your service. They forgot about me in the waiting room.
    2. Ask the price about everything they bring up. I am still not sure why my bill was DOUBLE what I was quoted. But after a painful facial and being bright red like a tomato, I was in no shape to argue why my bill was so high. I just wanted to get out of there.
    3. Know ahead of time what you want to tip. Maybe this was just me, but I was caught off guard about this.
    4. Maybe beauty is pain but I don’t think it should have to be. You are beautiful in more ways than you think. Don’t add suffering to your stress. Or a big dent in your wallet.
    5. Do what you know is best for your skin. I followed their directions EXACTLY to only use their products the first 5 days after the facial and I totally broke out. I was happy to be back with my own skin products that I know work for me. And I’m trying not to think how much their products must have cost me.

    Last note, the staff were really nice overall and helped ease my anxieties about getting this facial. But in the end, I feel like this just added to my feeling that this place is just wanting to make sales for their own good and not necessarily mine.

  • I want to start by saying that I was looking forward to my first appointment on the 6/23/23 at SkinSpirit GreenLake. I booked a facial consultation as it was suggested during a phone call I had with one of the receptionists, since i was a new customer. I had no idea what treatment I would be getting but their pages and marketing documentation seemed to reassure me.

    Arriving at the location, I was greeted by 2 friendly employees who promptly checked me in. Soon enough, the person taking care of me introduced herself.

    Generally, I was really confused by the consultation and the treatment that ended taking place. I was not expecting a chemical peel and the consultation process was not really a consultation. It was a sales conversation that made me personally uncomfortable and feel pressured because majority of our conversation was talking about these SkinBetter products I should be using moving forward (2 products totaling $200+). I felt the process was really hurried and not the gentlest I’ve experienced.

    One particular moment really bothered me. I never really know what chemical peel i was getting because the conversation was just about SkinBetter products. And I asked the practitioner and she responded, then proceeded to wipe a second peel layer, and said “here I’ll give you a second layer peel for free” or along those lines…I could not even remember because my face was burning more intensely (I know this is expected), so I was distracted to even remember now! My consent was never given or asked. As if it was an incentive to buy these products.

    Once the treatment is done, I went to the front desk to pay and without even confirming with me, they already scanned it as if I was purchasing it. It was so quick! I also never find out the pricing of my treatment until I had to pay at the end, which was $250. I am still breaking out, getting more PIE/PIH and red and don’t feel much improvement if at all weeks later.

    Overall, I am pretty disappointed. Not with the employees or individuals I encountered, but specifically the standard operating procedures that are allowed (at least in my personal experience) to boost merchandise products than actually catering towards individual/personalized treatment. I felt SkinSpirit only see a purchase walking through the door and not a customer.

  • I am IN LOVE with my results. The waiting area is bright and serene and the staff are very professional and kind from the moment you walk in. The entire process was easy to follow and Yvette did such an amazing job listening to what I was looking for and took her time with my consult on explaining everything she would do and also recommended. I got Botox (pretty painless) and fillers and left feeling amazing and could not stop looking at how great my results turned out, even now that the swelling is down I’m so happy! Leaving with a confidence booster is all that I could ask for and I’m so happy to have found someone who was able to make me feel this way. I 100% recommend checking this place out!

  • Absolutely in love with everything about skin spirit! The people are lovely and the atmosphere is so welcoming, not to mention that Sabrina is a magician! This is the second time I got lip fillers and she makes them look like nothing ever happened! She has a great eye and I would trust her doing anything. I love how my lips turned out. Highly recommend, it is life changing!

  • I had An amazing experience here. The office is pristine and smells amazing, Wanda gave me the best facial of my life. I highly recommend.

  • Wish I could leave a better response but I wasn’t very impressed with my consult. The nurse kept referencing all the things she would “fix” about my face. For someone who struggles with facial abnormalities it was kinda rude of her. She didn’t introduce herself to me and her bed side manner came across very rushed/disinterested. When I talked about my condition with her, her response was “I wouldn’t have ever known,” after going through everything she would want to fix about me so it just all came across very disingenuous. I want to say the people at the front desk were very welcoming and kind so I appreciate that. Will be looking elsewhere.

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