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  • I am 61 years old and have been a patient of Dr Stella’s for many years. She has helped me soften the passage of time with Botox and Injectable fillers and I have always been very happy with the results. Recently I noticed that my upper teeth didn’t show anymore when I smiled or spoke and it really bothered me. I had noticed this same thing with my mothers face years ago and thought it was just a fact of life. My bright smile is something that has always been one of my best features and now it was gone. I consulted with Dr Stella and she said that it was time to do something different to get my smile back. She recommended a lip lift which involves removing a small section of skin right under my nose and lifting everything up. I had to think about it for a while and decided that it was time do do this small surgery.
    The result is amazing and I feel like myself again. I cried a little after the sutures were removed and I saw my teeth showing again. The incision is hidden in the natural folds around my nostrils and it nearly undetectable. The surgery also rolled my upper lip back a little and it looks fuller and my lips look more balanced. I am over the moon with happiness. I have a smile on my face everyday and feel so much more confident.
    Thank you Dr Stella. You are the best

  • I went for consult on my face for CO2laser, Dr Stella took her time to address all my concerns and also talk to me about getting more botox, i been getting Botox for years from different providers but so far Dr Stella did the best injection hands down , i be coming to her from now on and i will get my CO2 here as well.

  • MUST – see provider. I am so grateful to be referred to Dr Stella. For me, I had been on the “medi-spa” circuit – mostly loyal to one clinic but outgrown their services. To have non surgical options by a double board certified plastic surgeon was an no brainer. Actually prepared to have more invasive procedures for my desired outcomes Dr. Stella provided a minimally invasive option. Regardless, it is personal decision – and knowing I have a trusted advisor should I want additional work is a relief. In short she is amazing. FWIW- I did read reviews about costs- and do NOT think costs are out of line- BUT remember you are also paying for expertise of a plastic surgeon and not some random injector with a two for one deal. LOVE this clinic – and her staff! Thank you Dr Stella for making me feel and look my best self.

  • She is the best !! I like 100 %!!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • I came to the Stella Center 3 1/2 years ago as I had just turned 60, and my husband had left me for a younger woman. I never wanted to have cosmetic surgery but Dr Stella gave me my confidence back! She expertly and artistically made small enhancements that made me look just like myself only better! no one noticed the changes but I just looked younger. The work she did has lasted and as I have aged she has continued to make small adjustments that continue to make me feel good
    about the way I look. I am so confident in her skills she is quite simply the best and I highly recommend her! When I show my friends and Family the before and after pictures I cannot believe it! Seriously don’t put it off any longer she’s really fantastic!

  • Not a good experience, don’t recommend

  • Do not get ripped off by this facility. All they care about is money and if you are gullible enough, they will take a ridiculous amount from you bc you may not know better. I came here to get my filler dissolved and they wanted a $1000 fee to see where the filler is with the ultra sound machine… charging me for the machine & the service. I’ve had dissolving done in other city’s that are so much more experienced and it’s only a couple hundred dollars. Do your research before time. That’s normal! I only wanted to try this place bc it’s closer but WA is so out of touch. They are so behind time and overly priced… please please do more research before coming here 🙂

  • I really want to share with everybody, my VERY HAPPY Day!!! Finally, I look in the mirror and I love what I see. Dr. Stella, performed a very, very delicate procedure under my eyes. Nore only, she has an experience and all the knowledge on the planet, she also has a certain touch to her unique hands. ( In my opinion) Seriously, justin 3 days, I look so much younger, more relaxed and happy.
    However, the best result of the filler will take a maximum effect in about 3 weeks. Wow!!! Very very excited!!!
    Thank you, Dr. Stella!!!!!!

    Photo next time.

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