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  • I was going here for a tattoo removal. I had about 8 appointments for a very small tattoo. I saw minimal results after all the appointments. After their major price increase, I stopped going. Although everyone was super friendly and professional, after 5 appointments it felt like a money grab.
    I found another business that charged me less than half the price and my tattoo was completely gone in 3 treatments.
    I know they offer many other services and with how professional everyone is I’m sure they have their strong suits. But tattoo removal is not one of them.

  • I am really pleased with this clinic. Everyone was so kind and caring. I felt comfortable in their care.

  • I had the pleasure of being a patient of Dr. Hagerty’s and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the care and treatment I received. Dr. Hagerty is an expert in lipedema, which is a condition that I had been struggling with for years. He took the time to thoroughly understand my condition and develop a treatment plan that was tailored to my needs. He was always professional and empathetic, and made sure to explain everything to me in a way that I could understand. His staff was also fantastic, Alyssa and Caitlin especially. The staff were always friendly and helpful, and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and well-informed throughout my treatment.

    In addition to his medical expertise, Dr. Hagerty’s professional demeanor was outstanding. He always made me feel at ease and truly cared about my well-being. He took the time to answer all of my questions and address any concerns I had. Thanks to his treatment and guidance, I am now seeing a significant improvement in my condition.

    I would highly recommend Dr. Hagerty to anyone who is dealing with lipedema or any other condition that he treats. He is truly an exceptional doctor with a professional and empathetic approach. His staff is also top-notch and they make the entire experience of going to the doctor a positive one. They were always willing to help and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and well-informed throughout my treatment.

  • Love Dr. Hagerty and staff! All very friendly, professional and caring! Had my first massage there and Tara is such a healer! So glad this is included in post op care seeing as you feel SO much better after! Wouldn’t go any place else!

  • Dr. Hagerty and his staff were wonderful to work with. Warm, welcoming, informative, professional, skilled, compassionate and caring are how I would describe my care from my first to very last visit. Diagnosed with later stage Lipedema this year, by Dr. Hagerty at age 58 after also learning I needed a total knee replacement the whole process of being treated for Lipedema seemed a bit daunting. They explained the whole process, what to expect and I proceeded to have my needed veins repaired first in both legs in May and early June of 2022, then was treated for Lipedema in my arms, flanks and rear end, then finished with 3 leg liposuction treatments for the Lipedema on December 1, 2022. So with the veins and liposuction for the Lipedema I had a total of 7 Lipedema surgical procedures since late May. I will admit, it was a lot, but each one was one more closer to the finish line. I am a breast cancer survivor, had a double mastectomy and then DIEP Flap reconstructive surgery and managed to get through all that without damage to my lymph system nor developing lymphedema. It was important to me to use a surgeon who was vested in protecting the lymphatics and I will say after I am done, we did and I am very pleased. Dr. Hagerty works to protect the lymph system in the way he does his liposuction for Lipedema.

    Now that they are all done I notice a marked difference in my legs and mobility. I also have a very pleased orthopedic surgeon for my upcoming knee replacement in January. Going through it all was definitely worth it and it has taken a lot of the extra bulk off my legs and knees. A win/win in all areas. As each day goes by, I am seeing the swelling in my legs diminish and am very pleased so far. Tara and Kerry, the massage therapists, were wonderful too for the manual lymphatic massages included in the treatments and I was amazed at how much they helped with the healing process. Dr. Hagerty says it can take up to a year to really see the final results. I can’t wait to get there. I am getting married in April and feel so much more confident in my gait, will have my knee replacement done by then and all healed and will be even further along in seeing the progress I have made. Excited and very thankful. I would highly recommend Dr. Hagerty and Premier Lipedema Clinic and would choose them again!

  • I had some permanent makeup removed from my eyebrows that had begun to discolor. Although it wasn’t totally removed, Amanda did a very careful professional job and it looks much better. It can now be covered over. I would recommend this business.

  • I’ve had two Lazer tattoo removal treatments and the process was told to me in great detail. The staff is so friendly and I feel safe and comfortable coming here. I have a few more treatments to go but I can definitely see a difference.

  • I’m going there for tattoo removal. Im really glad I found them!!!

  • Very professional and always a pleasure visiting. family friendly environment.

  • Alicia and Amanda are both so great and make you feel comfortable for any service you’re receiving. Great people, service, and location!

  • Very nice staff, I got two pieces done in one session and haven’t returned yet, but plan to in the future. Everything is neat and sterile. Felt safe and would recommend them to anyone who have unwanted black tattoos.

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