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Overall rating
  • Very professional and treatments.

  • Highly recommend. Great price and very professional and beautiful work.

  • I like the office and staff, but the PDO threads were not for me. Very expensive, the results lasted a couple months. And, four months later, one insertion point still has not healed. It erupts repeatedly after almost healing, expelling barbs from the thread. I have to treat the spot constantly with hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic ointment or benzoyl peroxide, depending on what stage of “healing” it is in. So very sorry I ventured this procedure.

  • This is an incredible establishment and I haven’t even had a service there yet! (I will soon) When I called Sara was unbelievably helpful and understanding of my situation. They were friendly and answered every question with enthusiasm. I wasn’t able to have my treatment done this time around for other reasons on my end but they truly went above and beyond for even my simple inquiry. I can also tell they practice appropriately and safely based on the questions they asked me/what they recommended. I would absolutely trust them with any service. Thank you for the exceptional customer service Sara and I’ll see you soon!

  • Sarah performed micro needling for me today. She’s so professional,kind, and knowledgeable. I’m so grateful to have come in and my skin already looks and feels better. Excited to use my package of 3. 100% recommend for anyone that has a lot of acne scarring.

  • I called this place to inquire about thier service, just to know how the procedure works. They wouldn’t give simple 1 minute answers over the phone. Instead I had to schedule a consultation.
    Upon arrival they have you fill out pretty invasive documents of personal information much like going to the doctors office before they will call you in for the consultation.
    Then they start chatting away and within no less than 1 minute of them speaking. I didn’t like the percentage of viability the procedure succeeds.
    Long story short with them:
    A simple phone call that can take under 2 minutes wasted a half hour of driving back and forth plus time getting ready for the appointment, at least $4.00 in fuel through the city and just the hassle of all the paperwork of questions you don’t care to answer because the answers are none of thier business unless you are committed to being a client of thiers.
    Waste of time (trash) 👎

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