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  • The ARNP that helped me yesterday was AMAZING. They addressed my concerns and did a great job. Thank you!!

  • Had the best experience today. Thank you very much

  • She made me feel comfortable, I love that she talked me through everything and told me what she was going to do!

  • Was great. She was very helpful .she answered all my questions.

  • Overall, this was an incredible experience. Everyone was knowledgeable and friendly. I’m excited to see my final results.

  • Very nice clean friendly I had a great experience

  • Spent $1667 on laser hair removal but it couldn’t be done because my hair is too light. Not a big deal but when I went to then try to use the refund towards something else I was told I can’t just use $800 of it on the procedure I wanted to use it on and I had to use it all up so I needed to book another service and pay out of pocket for it at the time of booking. I didn’t really want any other treatments other than the $800 one so I asked for a full refund. They told me I would only get $1368 back because there was a “Life Time Guarantee Membership” for my laser hair removal that was not refundable which makes no sense since I didn’t even get laser hair removal so I called their corporate office and they told me there as well that it wasn’t refundable because it wasn’t just for laser hair removal, it was for an annual membership that includes discounts on services and that I signed a contract that said it wasn’t refundable. So I just reviewed their contract and it DOES say it’s refundable on page 15 of 27 section 6. minus a $20 processing fee if you have not used any of the benefits and you request in 30 days. So the girl at corporate not only lied to me but was rude about it too and sounded way too confident in her wrong answer so l feel like I keep getting the run around because they’re just trying to reach the 30 day mark so that I can’t get a refund. I own and run several businesses and this is a complete waste of my time because now I have to call back for a second time and my time is worth a lot more than $299 but I don’t appreciate being lied to. I will not return to Ideal Image for any reason ever again and I will not suggest them to my friends. It is refundable if you haven’t used it and it is within 30 days of purchase. Ask them for a copy of your contracts. Good luck.

  • The women here are so friendly!! The rooms are always in tip top shape too.

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