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  • Zara worked her artistic magic on my eyebrows! No more grabbing a pencil to fill them in. I wake up in the morning and no longer avoid looking in the mirror because of my sparse brows. My husband cannot stop complimenting me on how great my eyebrows look…for him to notice and continually comment on them is actually a compliment to Zara. She studied my face and measured carefully, and gave me eyebrows that truly accentuate and improve my visage. I highly recommend Zara and Eastside Microblading.

  • Zara is a master. I only wanted very natural brows, since I wear no makeup 95% of my life. She delivered. They look better than I could have imagined! Extremely natural. No one at work even noticed, which is exactly what I wanted.

  • Amanda and her team (Kaitlyn, Robin, & Zara) are absolutely amazing! I had my eyebrows done yesterday and I’m already obsessed with them! Not only is Amanda highly skilled and meticulous at what she does, she is super personable to every client that walks in the door. She is the Beyoncé of the brow industry. PMU Queen.

  • Very pleasant experience getting my eyebrows microbladed by Zara. She made me feel very comfortable and took the time to understand the look I wanted and made it such an easy process. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

  • If your interested in microblading and your unsure where to go Zara at east side microblading is your girl ! Shes a true artist and a perfectionists at what she does, I absolutely love my brows she exeeded my expectations with the outcome. She made me feel comfortable and explained all the details and steps before she did anything which I really appreciated. Shes a master artist who will listen to you and make your eyebrows perfection!

  • ZARA IS AMAZING! She is a master at giving the Best Brows Ever. She is professional, fun, and takes her time to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone looking to save the time of drawing your eyebrows on every morning. If you want proof – just look at her Instagram page…. It’s full of masterpieces!!!

  • Zara did a truly masterful job of top lid eyeliner and I can’t believe how wonderful the results are! Very grateful, and I’m going to have my eyebrows and lips done, too. Thank you, Zara!

  • I’m impressed with my experience at Eastside Microblading Studio & Academy. Zara did an amazing job on my lips. I’m in love with my lip blush. She is an expert. I’m following her on Instagram for years now and I love all her works. Highly recommend.

  • I’ve had excellent experience with Kim. She is nice, professional and flexible. If I go back for maintenance, would definitely see her again.

  • Zara did a beautiful job at micro blading my brows! I’ve been following her on instagram and finally made an appointment to see her. The girls at the salon are super nice and Zara made me feel so comfortable! You can tell she really is an expert at her job and takes extra care with every detail in the experience. It’s been a couple weeks since my appointment and my brows are healing and look fabulous!! Thank you Zara!

  • Such a great experience . Got my brow done with Zara and Im so impressed. I get alot of compliments everyday!! I was following her IG more than 2 years and finally booked my appointment . She’s a master in Men brows. Super natural!

  • I would give a 10 star if I could . Zara is just amazing . I got my brows , lips and eyeliner done all in one day with her. Healing was super easy . She explained all the details to me and I had no issue going through the healing. She pays a lot of attention to the details ! A perfectionist! Highly recommend her !

  • I love love love their work! I’ve done my brows with Zara, and I am beyond happy with her magic touch on my brows. She is a talented angel. Looking forward to working with her again soon!

  • So happy I took the live Microblading and Shading course with Amanda! I’d followed her for a while on Instagram because she seemed super knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what she does and she was just as amazing in person! She’s motivating and inspiring and a great mentor. You need someone like that in this industry! In class we got to work on a live model and see how she interacts with her clients so we have an example of how to navigate a microblading service. She gave constructive criticism and wouldn’t pass you to the next level until you met a certain standard. It really pushes you to go above and beyond what you think you’re capable of! I’ve since graduated the course and working on my own clients with the confidence her course helped me with. I miss her mentorship so I’ll be taking her advanced course soon!

  • After researching quite a bit, I decided to take the Microblading and shading course, as well as the powder brows course, with Amanda at Eastside Microblading Studio. It seemed that they offer so much more, and their work quality is so much higher, than anywhere else in the area. I was not wrong! These classes far beyond exceeded my expectations. I learned so much in the days that I was there, from learning correct technique to actually executing what I learned on a live person, as well as the ins and outs of starting your own business. Amanda is so engaging, informative, and highly skilled. I cannot imagine embarking on a career in Microblading without having the knowledge base that she teaches. Also, being able to work on live models and experience how your tools feel and work on an actual person’s skin is invaluable. We were also able to observe the whole set up and breakdown process as well as communications with the client.
    At this point, I am continuing on with the courses online and still learning so much. Amanda has been available throughout this process as well, helping, teaching and critiquing as I move through the different levels. I appreciate the fact that she will not pass you to the next level unless the work is done correctly. This is why many spas/salons will not hire anybody who does not have a Beauty Angels certification. If you are considering getting into Microblading or ombre powder brows, I 100% recommend going through Eastside Microblading and taking classes with Amanda.

  • Amanda is unreal 😍 she has such a gift for teaching and services themselves. Taking her Microblade and Shade course was the best thing I could’ve done for myself and my business all thanks to her!!! She radiates positivity and encouragement that is so unconditional. I can’t wait to keep learning from her and the Beauty Angels 😇

  • Amanda is a wonderful trainer. She really educates in detail and is always honest with when giving feedback which I really appreciate. She is very motivational too! Her positive attitude and guidance really helped me get through my course. I can tell she loves what she does and is dedicated to helping her students succeed.

  • Oh My Goodness, this was life changing! Kamala is amazing!! So kind and so meticulous. I have never had my eyebrows microbladed, but I have wanted to do it for sometime. I’m in my late fifties and I would spend 5-10 minutes every morning penciling in make-shift eyebrows . . . and they never looked just right. Now, I have beautiful, full, natural-looking eyebrows. My husband can’t believe how natural they look. If you’re considering this procedure, go with Kamala at Eastside Microblading! Thank you so much Kamala. 💓

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