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  • Best services and great group of people. I went to Kucumber Skin Lounge for years and year. Nadia is great.

  • Long time customer for laser, facials and Botox. I’ve had all positive experiences except for two instances. The later being the most disappointing.

    I have RBF and get botox regularly to help remedy this. During my last appointment, I told the dr that I wanted to do something about my upside down smile. I was told botox on the chin would fix this and with that recommendation, I decided I wanted it fixed. I’ve been getting Botox since I was 20 and have never had any issues, until this appointment.
    By the next week, I notice my chin is constantly scrunching up like pruning. I gave it 2 weeks to settle. It still happens randomly and usually lasts for about half an hour and nothing I’ve tried helps stop it. I messaged KSL and sent pics for reference but wasn’t replied to until I messaged again the next day (I was very stressed about it). Then, I was given a follow up for 2 weeks later. So today I go to the follow up, was told there is nothing they can do about it and wasn’t offered so much as an apology.
    As I said my other experiences have been positive. I love the staff that performs facials and laser but this made me feel so unimportant and sad that I’m looking for a new Botox clinic.

    Not only was my initial concern (the upside down smile) not fixed, but it was worsened due to constantly scrunching my chin.

  • I scheduled my appointment 3 times, and 2 out of the 3 times I showed up, they said I don’t have my appointment that day but the following week. I can see how I could make a mistake and add an appointment to my calendar on the wrong date 1x time, but not 2x times.

    Something is going on with their scheduling software, but they blame me and don’t want to take any responsibility. I keep rushing from work to get to my appointment, and now 2x, they said it’s on a different date. I’m not crazy! I book appointments all the time, and this is the only company that keeps scheduling my appointment on the wrong date.

    I decided to cancel my appointment and asked for a refund, but the manager said she could give me a store credit but not a refund. Why would I want store credit when I was willing to pay for my appointment and canceled it because they kept scheduling it on the wrong date? I need a refund because their software is broken, and I’m not wasting my time driving to their clinic AGAIN so they can tell me it’s on the wrong date. They need to fix their scheduling software and learn to take responsibility for their mistakes.

    Horrible customer service!

  • Holly is amazing and does a wonderful job my skin looks so amazing after she did a laser hair removal and a facial.

  • I love this spa. I’ve been going here for tattoo removal for a few months now and the results are looking really good. Most of all I love the staff. My laser technician is super nice and knowledgeable. My mom also booked some facial treatments last summer when she was visiting and was really happy with her results. Great place to get treatments.

  • I have been watching a bunch of reviews on the Dr Babor facials, I called around to a few local med spa’s and was disappointed that no med spa in the area offered these facials. When I finally got around to calling Kucumber, I was quite delighted to hear that they do in fact offer not 1 but 3 different Dr. Babor facials, so I made my appointment and they were pretty quick to get me in! When I arrived, I was greeted with a smile and asked that I complete a questionnaire about my skin. It was very quick and with in 5 minutes I was taken back to my room. My aesthetician Julia, immediately made me feel welcome and comfortable, she had me lay down and asked me if I would like the bed heated, of course!! Who wouldn’t want a warm bed to lay in while getting a wonderful facial. I laid there for just over an hour while she pampered me. I don’t know everything she put on my face, but I do know she used 3 masks, serum and other products, not only did she massage my face with wonderful products, she also worked on my chest which so happens to be aging quickly. I walked out completely relaxed and glowing! You will not be disappointed! I highly recommend Kucumber Skin Lounge and the Dr. Babor Facial. I have found my new favorite facial! Thank you for taking care of me Julia! I will be back sooner than later!

  • I loved my Dr Babor facial! My face, neck and décolleté were treated as well as my hands. I felt so relaxed the entire time! The esthetician was kind and professional, definitely recommend!

  • Ruby is my absolutely fav! Her work is second to known, always done with excellence, and not to mention how personal she is during any service with her. She’s truly the best!!

  • Kucumber have helped me restore my confidence and as wells as educated me on my skin and what works for it. I’m more confident and happy.

  • Very clean and professional. Rubye has always been so nice, friendly and knowledgeable. I found the place I can trust.

  • I love working with Leyla, their injector! She’s attentive, gentle, and is a great communicator. She’s helped me achieve some of my aesthetic goals. Highly recommended!

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