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  • The staff was very knowledgeable and kind. I’ll be going back for any dermatology needs in the future.

  • I’ve been going to this clinic for over 10 years. The staff is very friendly. Dr. Levy takes the time to listen to your concerns. You can confide your embarrassing issues to Amanda and she doesn’t make you feel gross. Plus, Holly is the best esthetician. Your comfort, safety and results are her top priority.

  • Stephanie is unprofessional, and disrespectful. My son used to go here before and when his alopecia started flaring up again I called and asked if they still took our insurance. They said they did and scheduled an appointment. When we showed up Stephanie turned him away and said that they don’t take our insurance. Why book an appointment and say that you take our insurance when you don’t? Why lie and say letters were sent to notify us of this change? I don’t understand her at all but all I can say is that through our back an forth and the attitude I was met with I can only come to the conclusion that she’s a dizzy and confused individual who at her big age can’t take accountability for her mistakes.

  • Extremely disappointing appointment with Dr. James Hu, I left and cried in my car because of my negative experience. Dr. Hu didn’t listen at all to my concerns or questions and was frankly condescending to the point that I was left in shock. I really needed help and the empathy of a good doctor and I got the exact opposite. He barely looked at my skin condition and even though I gave him an extremely detailed series of events to help him diagnose me, he just told me it was a heat rash…I didn’t know heat rashes lasted 2.5 months.

    I’m thankful that I went in armed with what I thought was going on, because if I had gone in blind and trusted this doctor and followed his diagnosis and treatment, I would have delayed my recovery and potentially harmed my skin.

    After going to another dermatologist after this appointment and being heard, I diagnosed correctly with a skin infection. I was put on a treatment plan that began working immediately.

    I’m a self-pay patient and every time I see a doctor I pay out of pocket – they charged me $250 to have this poor experience, bad information and an untreated skin infection.

    Always be your own advocate and get a second opinion.

  • I had a lot of acne and really bad blackheads and pimples. I did accutane with Dr. Elie Levy and after a couple months my skin is perfectly clear. 10/10 experience

  • Excellent,wish he was my PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER,Dr.Levy…

  • Super disappointing..Brenda is unprofessional and you will get randomly billed, even with insurance. Feels like a scam. Really read the other reviews.

  • I can’t say enough good about this place. Dr Levy has created an oasis in Burien. I’ve been seeing dermatologists for decades. Dr Levy, Gina and the entire team are way at the top of the list. Exceptional care and customer service. Also really good chemical peels with Holly! Love this office and staff. Really special place and people.

  • The Dr was nice enough I guess, but unhelpful. She wrote me prescription for Tretinoin, but told me me nothing about how to use it.
    I asked her which in-office treatments could help with my scarring. Her answer was something along the lines of “well you could try some and see, I guess they might help,” giving me no advice or information about anything. She seemed uninterested and only spoke when I directly asked a specific question.
    I asked about sunscreen to prevent early signs of aging, she said you only need it in the summer. I found this a bit odd, as every other source I’ve come across says to be consistent with applying it everyday regardless of season, to get the full anti-aging benefits.
    I walked away feeling totally ripped off. I was in between insurance, so I paid out of pockets, $250 for less than 20 min with her, where I learned nothing.
    Side note, the building used to be a furniture store. The whole place feels very weird and dingy, nothing like a medical clinic.
    I will never come back or recommend this place.

  • Dr Levy was my Dr I seen today he was very friendly and nice I would recommend him

  • I had a little procedure in Dr Levy’s surgery center in Burien. I cannot say enough my praises of how professional and kind Dr Levy and all his staff was! We had such a good time with wonderful music, great stories! I can’t wait to get to see them again! He is a genius, and hilarious!

  • They cancelled my appointment through their text system. Very frustrating since I don’t live in the area.

  • I had an absolutely fantastic experience at Dermatology of Seattle! I came in to have some painful lipoma’s removed from my arm. All the staff were excellent and made me feel cared for and safe. Doctor Levy was warm and professional and so skilled that I felt zero pain during the removal. I will be recommending him to my friends and family and plan to come her for my routine skin needs. Don’t believe the negative reviews, the staff at Dermatology of Seattle are top notch!

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