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  • The personal care I have received over the last year, and will continue to receive for years to come, is beyond words. It is refreshing to know that I matter, that my health matters.
    Thank you for helping me get my life back! We have a ways to go, but we were on the right track thanks to your patience, dedication and persistence.

  • I have been a patient of Dr Rubin for many years. During this time I have received many cosmetic type treatments. I have been very happy with the results. I am now getting NAD IV Treatments twice per week, obviously shifting my goals. This has been very helpful in achieving clarity, cleaner energy, and well being. I have great love and respect for what Dr Rubin and her staff are doing right here in Gig Harbor. I also am quite happy with the results of the NAD IV’s as well as the variety of IV possibilities available at the clinic.

  • Dr. Rubin is awesome. She has amazing bedside manner, she doesn’t encourage over use of products. She encourages the patient to do what they want to do, and keep it natural. I love my results, I am going back for sure. I am going to have a chemical peel later, and will do more filler with her. Just amazing. I definitely will go back. She individualizes treatment and ensures the patients needs are met. She’s honest. The facility is clean, organized and efficient. I love the staff. Definitely going back (already visited twice).

  • Love this place! Dr. Rubin has helped me so much with my skin problems. She talked me into buying the products they sell to help with my pores and the fine lines I’ve been noticing. She prescribed me with retin-a and it’s been a game changer for me! Only been using it a week and I already see a difference in my skin! So thankful !

  • The staff is absolutely amazing and so comforting!! Just very good environment and no pain whatsoever!! I recommend it!!

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