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  • So impressed with Dr. Dehghen and his entire staff! Everyone is so caring, kind and supportive. Dr. Dehghen is so dedicated to his patients and was able to make me feel so comfortable. From my consultation to the surgery all the way through my follow up visits, all my questions and concerns were quickly addressed and he was so responsive, even when I needed to reach out on the weekend. I would highly recommend them – I absolutely love my results!

  • Dr. Khash and his team are the most loving people ever. They have always went out their way to ensure you feel welcomed. Dr. Khash will always take care of you. If something isn’t right he’ll fix it.

  • June of 2020 I had a major tummy tuck, breast reduction/lift, lower face lift and eyebag surgery.
    Before I sang anyones praises I wanted to wait to see how well my surgeries held up.
    It has been 2 1/2 years since my surgeries and it looks so good I couldn’t be happier with the results!
    The office staff are professional and very kind always looking to help with my needs.
    I did have a few difficulties due to a genetic blood disorder I have, Dr. Deghan was absolutely remarkable.
    Dr. Deghan saw me everyday for a week after the surgreries free of charge just to make ensure the healing process was progressing as it should.
    Then once a week for almost 2 months he checked to make sure all was well free of charge.
    I would do it all again it was worth every dime and the discomfort any surgeries have I look and feel amazing 0 to 10 Dr. Deghan and his staff get a 12+!
    Gina Weathers

  • Amazing doctor and team. Could not be happier with the service they provided.


    Thank you Dr. Dehghan & staff for such a wonderful experience from the start at my consultation! My results are OUTSTANDING and I am so grateful! I was very nervous from the start of my journey finding a plastic surgeon to preform a breast argumentation on me. I had three scheduled in total that I had already paid for. Dr. Dehghan was my first consult and I left Artistic Plastic Surgery center with a date scheduled and ready to go. Dr. Dehghan Is laid back, responsive and knowledgeable. I am now 9 weeks Post surgery and I am so happy with the results from my breast augmentation!!! Thank you thank you!!!

  • I want to thank Dr. Dehghan for giving me such great care during and after my surgery. I even have follow up appointments right after to make sure my healing process looks good.
    Thank you Sianne, you are a wonderful nurse. This will be the only place that I recommend anyone I know to get cosmetic work done.

  • From the moment I walked in to the office I felt very comfortable and never felt pushed or rushed. I had a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck at the same time. Recovery was painful for the first few days but after that much better. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dr. D and his entire staff are very caring and attentive. Thank you!

  • I shopped around before picking a surgeon for my breast augmentation, and Dr Dehghan by far made me feel more comfortable than the others. He was very respectful towards me, and didn’t say anything weird or disparaging about my breasts in the consult, which sadly did happen elsewhere. I really liked how they explained all the different options and let me choose, based on my concerns and values, they were never pushy at all. I spent a long time on two different visits trying on the sizers, different clothes, moving around, taking pictures, etc and no one rushed me or made me feel like I had to decide quickly.
    Surgery itself was simple, but my recovery was rough for a few days but the team was super receptive to getting me what I needed, muscle relaxers and anti nausea meds, and letting me put off my next day post op appt since I didn’t feel up for traveling yet (I live in Olympia). I have called a couple times about little things and they are quick to find spots for me to come in and get checked out.
    Overall it’s been great and I’m really glad I took the time to find this great office, which is worth the drive to Tacoma.

  • Everyone here is so amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect the first time I went to a “Plastic Surgery Center”, but I will be honest that I expected the stereotypical snobby people. Boy, was I wrong! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and really made me feel right at home. Dr. Dehghan is a hoot- he is friendly and funny and definitely made me feel welcome. The facility is bright and clean. I ended up scheduling my breast reduction with them and start to finish the whole experience has been amazing. Dr. Dehghan really listened to what my goals were and gave me exactly what I asked for. He truly is an artist and my results are amazing! I highly recommend!

  • Dr.Dehagan and his staff were absolutely amazing! My breast Augmentation turned out wonderful, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The only thing that went wrong & this was my fault 💯 was after 48 hours I reached above my head to grab a bowl in the kitchen & I was so small chested and my skin was so tight I ripped out my stitches, the facility handled it wonderfully I was seen the next day and taken care of with no issues. I would recommend this facility without a second thought they are amazing and DR.D is amazing at his skills!!

  • Buyer beware! Terrible practice! They charged Me some some bogus 20 dollar charge 4 months after I went there even though I paid a co-pay to enter the building, then they sent it to collections a month after sending me the bill! There are many other practices that won’t pull this kind of scam behavior and I recommend you take you business elsewhere to avoid taking a credit hit when they charge you 20 out of the blue 4 months after visiting.

  • He’s great really a artist did a amazing job in my lips I had permalip done happy And definitely want have more done one day my lips are gorgeous and this doctor is amazing really changed me for the betters look supernatural I wish I could afford but the best can afford to be the best thank you so much Deagham my best friend also been there and I can speak in her behalf he did an amazing job on her he removed fats for her arms did her liposuction breasts argumentation she look like freaking Barbie he’s amazing

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