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  • Dr. Tseng is not only a great surgeon but a great person outside of the office. His services have fully given me my confidence back. Thank you, Dr. Tseng!

  • Dr. Tseng has changed my life! He is a skilled and compassionate plastic surgeon. Over various surgeries, Dr. Tseng has removed over 100 lipomas from my body. Not only do I consider him to be the best plastic surgeon in the industry but he is true friend who cares deeply for his patients.

  • Dr. Tseng is the most approachable and sincere surgeon I have ever met. He took his time explaining the process to me in a way that made sense. I am so happy I found him! I recommend him to absolutely everyone. Thank you Dr. Tseng and team!
    J. Wolfe

  • Dr. Tseng and his staff provide excellent service in every part of the procedure. The Dr is skilled in surgery and as skilled in discussing and developing a plan that maximizes results. Very professional organization and also exudes the confidence of a great Dr. and staff. I highly recommend Dr. Tseng.

  • I was referred to Dr. Tseng and I have beyond pleased with the quality of care that was and has been provided to me. Dr. Tseng and his staff are professional, attentive and did a wonderful job with my surgery. I would recommend him and the staff to anyone that is needing care in this area of medicine.

  • I went to Dr Tseng to remove two ruptured implants last October. The experience was amazing. The doctor and his staff treated me with kindness and professionalism. My surgery was done in a day and I was home that night. Even though the surgery was invasive I experienced NO pain. I was shocked as I expected a good week of pain.
    I absolutely recommend Dr Tseng without hesitation.

  • Dr.Tseng has the depth and precision of an artist! He takes his time explaining each procedure and makes you feel so comfortable in undergoing your surgery. I elected on his recommendation 360 lipo with fat transfer to the breast area my results 1.5 mos in are fantastic and my shaping is so flattering and I am not even done yet with the healing final result process! Dr. Tseng’s staff is very helpful and knowledgeable and responds quickly with any questions you might have. Thankyou Dr. Tseng for a great supportive experience and fantastic results!
    I would definitely not hesitate to make an appointment with him! I highly recommend him.

  • Dr. Tseng and his team have been awesome! Our experience was urgent and he and his office staff responded efficiently and with kindness! #Team Tseng

  • I can’t thank Dr. Tseng enough for fixing my keloid that developed from my heart surgery. It was so bad that it was ripping every time I wore a bra. It looks and feels 100 times better. Dr Tseng takes pride in his work and I trust him to do a good job.

  • Amazing experience the staff is the best. Dr Tseng is very tentative

  • I want to start by saying thank you to Dr. Tseng, who took such great care of me from start to finish and gave me wonderful results with my procedure.
    I don’t suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain any longer. He was always courteous and kind. I also am grateful he did more research on the mark on my face so we didn’t have to go as far as we first discussed to have it removed, which would have been way more extensive than necessary.

  • Dr Tseng has been amazing through the whole process! No one likes to have surgery, but he was exceptional in his approach, communication and giving me expectations of what the process would be. He even gave out his personal phone number if there was any questions or concerns. I highly recommend him!!

  • I have been getting laser removal treatments (in nyc) on a heavy black and colored tattoo for a little over 2 years before to coming to Dr Tseng. Those sessions were using a qswitch laser and unfortunately didn’t break up my tattoo much at all (and insanely painful) Since moving to Seattle I have found Dr Tseng and he starting using his picoway laser, I can say that in three sessions I have seen more progress than the previous two years ! Not only that the pain is far less (completely tolerable). If you are looking for tattoo removal in the Seattle area this is absolutely where I would recommend going. Bottom line better results better recovery and most importantly better results

  • I want to start by saying thank you to Dr. Tseng, who took such great care of me from start to finish and gave me wonderful results with my HD Body Sculpting. At the consultation he listened to what my desired outcome would be and how he could help get me there with no pressure to commit on the spot. I am so thankful I went ahead with the procedure because the results are phenomenal! I highly recommend making a consult if you are looking to have some work done, because Dr. Tseng is the best around!!

  • Oh how I wish Dr Tseng had been the surgeon I encountered in the ER after my forearm was severely lacerated by a tree branch in a horseback riding accident. Luckily I did get referred to him several weeks later. After 7 months of healing & PT, Dr Tseng performed a scar revision & reattachment of torn tendons. My arm, wrist & hand look & work so much better now! The office staff have always been warm & helpful. Dr Tseng is truly a caring & very skilled surgeon that I highly recommend and trust.

  • Amazing and professional! Dr. Tseng took the upmost care after I got my nose broken. Evaluated the situation before rushing straight to surgery. Once surgery was needed he made sure to walk me through every step of the process and make sure I recovered properly and was feeling good with the results! Highly recommend!

  • All staff was very professional ,welcoming and caring. I Would definitely go back and refer my friends and family

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